Bullies getting Beaten up a blind classmate at California High School  


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A Bully was thrown to the ground after hitting a blind student who was arrested on Thursday who is at California High School, and after this fight police said that the teen who stopped the assault spoke out for the 1st time. 

The teen boy Tornmenter name Noah was arrested for misdemeanor battery and liberated to his parents after a video viral of him even his fighting the visually impaired at Huntington Beach High School, Austin circulated on social media platforms where police said after the investigation that-

“On Wednesday there was some video which was recorded” In that video “ After junior Cody Pines, 17, was beaten cut short, then knocked to Noah on the ground just in a single punch.

In that video “Pines said that——–You are trying to Jump a F*** blind kid, bro? What the F*** is this your problem?

In Pines’s 1st interview he said that he did not really want to hit him, he also said that “ He was hailed a hero online through his peers for his actions and reactions.

Pines also said to Fox LA, “ Someone wants to punch a blind kid who is not well, and it made me so crazy” I regret it but I am not because I don’t want to hurt Austin.” That’s the reason Cody Austin Blind kid fight-

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Pines who is a former football player, he told that “he saw videos when bullies getting beaten up Cody Austin blind kid fight”. At that time he said that “ I would never let that happen if I witnessed it”.

In this situation, Teresa White stated that “ I feel proud of my grandson that he is standing up for that young man during Cody Austin’s blind kid fight”.

Teresa also said that “My Cody is a very protective, caring, and compassionate person” She wrote this on social media platforms on her  Facebook profile.

Cody’s family friend Priscilla Nakane wrote on social media that “Cody Austin is a great kid, he’s just defending someone who is less fortunate is absolutely no surprise”.

After the investigation Noah got arrested where Pines said that “I do not want to ruin Noah’s life, I felt bad for his life”

Even during an investigation, this incident does not appear to be linked to Cody Austin’s disability. Also, Hustington Beach police said that “Cody Austin and Noah have a history of not getting along” and you know what that they both got into a verbal argument at lunch where Noah want to hit the other student. They told that the “police did not want to show the teen tyrant’s name because of his age.”

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They also said that they don’t have expectations that press charges against Pines. Even the biggest thing came out that Austin can see out of one of his eyes so he is not properly blind like others.

According to the school’s official statement that they are investigating all over the incident which happened and would not condone this type of rude behavior from any other student. But the thing is that they don’t pass any comment or statement on this incident because of other student disciplines, education code, or personal support for our families.

Moreover, People registered an online petition with 22k plus signatures which claimed that Pines was kicked off the football team for stepping in, also, school spokeswomen Alyssa Griffiths said that “Pines had not signed up to play a football match for this year, he stopped playing after last spring season.”

After this incident, The Huntington Beach School community is very disappointed because of recent Cody Austin’s blind kid fight where the video goes viral on the internet. Even superintendent Greg Plutko stated that “ We feel proud of our students because it does not reflect the school climates”.

Pines said that “I want at least 1 positive outcome after this incident.

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“I hope every person hangs out with Austin and can easily show him their love because Austin deserves it” Austin is really a nice and cool guy,” Pines said.