How To Get 1M Video Likes On YouTube For Instant Fame?

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Are you a fresher on YouTube? Maybe you are a famous YouTuber in your friend circle only and trying hard to stand your video on top. Getting lots of likes and views is satisfying for both mental and financial conditions. We have two news for YouTubers.

The bad news is that You will not become famous overnight, and the good news is that this article will help you with every piece of information to get 1 million video likes on youtube for instant fame.

We will discuss every essential theory, practical action, and tech hack to begin implementing today. We will also discuss how to buy 1 million YouTube video likes.

Try Some Creative Tech Hacks

Now we will share some exciting facts that will help you to get instant video likes.

YouTube has a ranking algorithm like Google. If you’re struggling to achieve 1 million YouTube video likes, then following tricks can help the algorithm factors for you!

Shoot A Longer Video

YouTube always ranks those videos of more than 5 minutes compared to the short ones. So leave these for Vine or Instagram.

Use the Keywords in Video Filename

For any YouTube videos or any creative content, the keywords play a vital role and mostly for the video file name. The keyword is the short phrases & words which people utilize to search your amazing videos. So try to use the keyword in your video filename. 

Understand the YouTube Algorithm

If you can understand the proper algorithm of YouTube, you can quickly grow likes. You need to follow some celebrity profiles or best YouTubers profiles. Then see how they have uploaded their contents and what are those keywords and titles they have related. Just have an idea and try your own.

Craft Some Winning Titles

The Criteria of a Good Title are:

  • The title should be within a minimum of 5 words
  • Put the keyword inside
  • Make it clickbait and catchy

The best practice is to try to place the keywords at the starting of the title. 

Write the Descriptions in a Proper Way

YouTube can’t “listen” or “view” the video, so this depends on the descriptions; what’s the video contents all about.

You may Follow the Essential Guidelines to Write the Description:

  • Try to Mention the keyword in very first 20 words
  • Write the description within 250-words
  • Always use the keyword 3-4 times

The descriptions have to be well-formatted, engaging & a basic idea for the viewer what they’re going to watch after clicking play.

Tag It!

Always tag your videos after uploading it on YouTube. It helps to rank better. The tag must be a variation of people’s searching keywords and your own.

Sometimes search some videos which are comparable to your videos, grab some of those and add to your video. This will help your video to get into the “related” section.

Purchase YouTube Likes

If you wish to increase likes or make your video very popular, then you can purchase YouTube likes quickly. It is a kind of software you can buy from any online website. It is something like the auto liked.

It helps to increase likes, views and subscribers on YouTube automatically within a few minutes.

Ranking Factors

Some Factors Work To Rank Your YouTube Video. Such As:

  • Video retention: Amount of users is willing to watch. Always more is nicer. 
  • Comments: YouTube guesses if viewers commented, it means they liked the video. So more comments (positive or negative) help to rank your video. 
  • Subscribes: If the viewers subscribe to your YouTube channel, it sends a signal to YouTube that viewers appreciate your channel, and it will help to rank your YouTube channel and get more likes.
  • Social share: Always share your YouTube videos on social platforms like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Your viewers will get in touch with your channel, and it brings more likes to your video.
  • Keep a formal schedule: It is an important habit to upload your videos, maintaining a structured program. It helps your viewers quickly get in touch with your videos and earn more love and likes.

Let’s Sum Up

All the YouTubers’ dream is to have millions of subscribers and likes on their YouTube channel. But it is not possible for only one day or overnight. But if you follow all these tricks that we have mentioned, you can buy 1 million YouTube video likes as soon as possible and grow your popularity.

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