10 best Chinese B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces to look for in 2021

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The rapidly changing landscape of the e-commerce industry is really mixed. Although, some of the new changes brought about each year may be helpful for expanding business, there are also some new sellers that may not be able to keep up. After falling, the international e-commerce market is still expanding and the prospects are bright. As the New Year is approaching, in order to help you inspire new inspirations, overcome obstacles, and maintain good e-commerce business operations in the coming years. In this post, we describe the best Chinese B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces.

A large number of domestic companies are B2C e-commerce companies. From the recent investment and publicity of giant Chinese B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces 2021, such as Amazon, eWorldTrade and Alibaba, it is not difficult to see that B2B is becoming a new e-commerce commanding height. Don’t underestimate the scale of B2B. Compared with B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce is expected to be twice that of B2C by 2021. In the future, higher requirements will be placed on the B2B shopping experience, especially the simplified quotation management, price negotiation, flexible ordering, effective management of orders and inventory, etc. 

What are the top b2b platforms to consider to expand business?

Following is a list of top 10 Chinese marketplaces to look for in 2021 in order to enhance your business reach:


Alibaba is currently one of the most well-known B2B platforms. “Chinese Supplier” services for export companies are one of its core businesses. According to financial report released back in 2009, Alibaba has more than 45.27 million registered users, 34.79 million domestic users and 10.48 million international users. The total number of paying users has reached 578,900. Starting from identifying the source of buyers, integrating the inquiry, sales, and purchasing customer management processes, and data-based management of the promotion effect will help understand buyer behavior and discover promotion blind spots to achieve follow-up precision marketing.


eWorldTrade is quite new to the B2B industry and quickly gained a good enough reputation. People prefer considering this platform when they look for best Chinese b2b Ecommerce marketplaces because of its easiest, safest and efficient trading service. eWorldTrade itself has its operating units all over the world. This is currently the only B2B market that has been consistently growing. When you register, it can provide up to 10 sales leads for free. This is a huge selling point for companies, and this can be seen through rapid growth in just a few years. Most of its manufacturers are from China. However, there are also companies from the United States, India, Malaysia and Pakistan. Since its main operating unit is located in Pakistan, the platform has become part of CPEC and will benefit a lot from it. eWorldTrade can easily predict the lowest wholesale price and fast delivery.


Global Sources is a multi-channel B2B media company, mainly through its series of English media, Global Sources website and a large number of exhibitions held every year to promote the export trade in the Greater China region. Global Sources’ seller promotion services are usually provided in the form of integration of multiple resources. It has several monthly magazines and 14 websites including “International Electronic Business Information” and “Electronic System Design”. Participate in more than 100 international trade fairs every year, and hold more than 12 (a total of 29) professional trade fairs in 10 cities.


It is a worldwide e-commerce platform. It provides business opportunity publishing, search, company and product search and query services, as well as introductions to the economic overview and investment environment of relevant countries. Its trade opportunities are divided into two sections, one is trade opportunity search, which can be searched by combination of transaction types and keywords. The other section is browsing and publishing business opportunities, which is divided into four parts, commodity demand, supply, business news group, and business opportunity publishing. The site is also available in Chinese language to maximize the efficiency of trading process.


This platform is one of the leading Chinese B2B Ecommerce websites. According to the prospectus of Intent issued by Focus Technology, Made-in-China e-commerce platform had more than 3million registered members. Among them, there are nearly 10,000 registered fee-paying members, and more than 12 million valid product information and business information have been released.

Since the beginning of operation, Made in China has been focusing on foreign trade promotion. More than 70% of visitors come from English websites, covering 24 categories with 1500 product information in each category. Industries, such as machinery, hardware tools, and auto and motorcycle accessories, building materials and decoration materials and consumer electronics are particularly prominent. 


This platform, also called a collection of Chinese product manufacturers and exporters directory, international market trade supply and demand information, export information, provides trade services, is a trade B2B platform for communication between Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, foreign traders and global buyers.


The world’s first pay-for-effect international trade website. ECVV, as the main facilitator of import and export trade in the Greater China region, provides professional buyers with high-quality supplier product information, as well as comprehensive international market promotion services for suppliers.


As the first batch of B2B platforms in China to do cross-border exports, Dunhuang.com once ranked sixth in the global e-commerce website, and the transaction amount of the platform reached 10 billion. Of course, strength should not be underestimated. The average monthly traffic of the dhgate.com website is also stable at 28 million. However, due to the high hidden costs of the platform and the greatly reduced customer experience, many sellers have also been criticized.


Ofweek is another one of the leading Chinese b2b Companies. It’s headquarter is in China and focuses on supplying products for the technology-related industry. This platform has more than 9 million members. Ofweek consist of 25 Independent websites, which specializes in selling internet-related products. The platform has more than 300 million visitors every years and has suppliers from more than 70 countries. Suppliers can register for free, but the site also offers premium membership.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The platform has more than 120,000 reliable suppliers from Hong Kong, China and Asia. By providing recommended information to suppliers provided by external organization, it can help you identify trustworthy suppliers. This platform provides you with greater search flexibility. You can review thousands of certified suppliers and purchase high-quality products in smaller quantities. Thousands of authentic suppliers are ready to meet customer procurement needs.

Winding up

The future of e-commerce has come, and the conventional b2b e-commerce model will be greatly challenged. Your choice today will determine your future success or failure. What you can do is to find trustworthy partners in countries or regions where there is a high demand for your products.