10 Phone Prank Ideas To Try


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Are you looking for a great way to have fun and prank your friends? Well, prank phone calls are the perfect way to do it! Phone pranks can be hilarious and create unforgettable memories that will last forever. From classic phone pranks jokes to more modern tricks, there is something for everyone. 

Here are 10 prank phone call ideas that you should definitely try out! So grab your phone and get ready for some laughs. These phone pranks will ensure you will remember this day sometime soon!

1. Fake Food Delivery

Pranking someone by pretending you are a food delivery service can be a hilarious way to make your friends laugh. The prank phone call can start with an unsuspecting phone number being dialed and said phone number answering in an amused or confused manner. A fake food delivery prank phone call is the perfect way to add some excitement and humor to your phone conversations. 

2. Date Night

Pranking your friends with a phone call is one of the funniest ways to have some fun! If you are looking for an amazing prank phone call idea, why not offer them a Date Night as a joke? You can surprise them anonymously and turn their world upside down with this prank phone call. 

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3. Who’s There?

Calling friends and pretending that they called you is a fun prank phone call that can be used to prank someone! This prank phone call involves calling your friend, acting like you were the one who received their call, and seeing how your friend reacts. This phone prank is sure to bring laughs and confusion to your unsuspecting friend.

4. Survey Specialist

Prank phone calls can be a lot of fun, but if you want to take it to the next level, why not try your hand at fooling people with a survey specialist phone prank call? This prank phone call will surely leave your victim utterly confused and perplexed. This prank phone call has been around since the days of landlines, but with modern caller ID technology, it’s become even more fun to pull off. 

5. Wrong Number

When it comes to phone pranks jokes, nothing is quite as fun as calling a friend and pretending they are your boss. It’s a great way to mix up the monotony of everyday phone calls, while also providing a unique opportunity for some light-hearted entertainment.

What is a ghost phone call? A ghost phone call is a mysterious phenomenon that has been reported by people from all over the world. This strange experience involves hearing a phone ringing, usually late at night, with no one on the other end of the line. People who have had this experience describe it as eerie, unsettling, and often frightening.

6. Family Prank

This phone prank game that will have your friends and family laughing loudly. It works by having one person make a prank phone call to another, using a series of carefully crafted jokes and pranks designed to elicit maximum laughter. Whether you’re the prankster or the victim, you’ll be guaranteed hours of fun! 

7. Free Coupons

Prank phone calls are always a fun way to have a good laugh. Whether you’re planning to prank call your best friend or someone else, you can make it even more exciting with free coupons! Imagine calling a friend and offering them a coupon they can’t refuse – they’ll never see it coming! 

8. I’m Here to Pick You Up

Pranking phone calls can be a great way to have some lighthearted fun with your friends. Whether you want to give them a good chuckle, pretending to be someone else and surprising them with funny lines can be an amusing experience. One of the most popular classic prank phone calls is “I’m Here To Pick You Up.

9. I’m Out of Toilet Paper

The phone prank of asking someone to come and help when you’re out of toilet paper is one of the funniest phone pranks jokes around! This hilarious prank phone call will have your victim wondering what’s going on, as you beg for their help in a time of need.

10. Could You Please Stop Calling Me

The right prank phone call can be both hilarious and annoying, depending on the recipient’s reaction. If you’re looking for some creative prank phone call ideas, why not try calling your friend and asking them to stop calling you – even if your calling first.

Creating phone pranks jokes can be a fun way to entertain and surprise your friends. When it comes to prank phone call ideas, the possibilities are endless – you can use your imagination to create any harmless idea.