4 Mobile App Development Strategies to Marketing your app like a Pro

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The world is evolving fast. You can either move with the world or stay behind and eat popcorn in your home.

People will either love your app or hate it. Do you know that 77% of the users delete the app within three days? Yes. It is getting impossible to engage the users and hold their attention for long.

There are a plethora of apps out there. Each app brings new competition for you.

The goal of every mobile app is to capture attention, retain it, and engage new users. However, how to gain that edge over your competitors?

If you have launched an app or are in the process of app development with a professional mobile app development company, here is your chance to learn some ingenious ways to market your app and beat your competition.

Here are 4 Mobile App Development Strategies to market your app like a Pro.

  • Use Video previews to capture the limelight

If you have not thought of this before, now is the time to do so.

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With an option of App preview videos, there is a higher chance for your app to land in the search results and gain some serious attention of the potential users. Before you develop an app, previews ensure that you have the following things in place:

  • Begin your video with a strong note. A purpose that will help the users relate to the app.
  • Use simple words as everyone will be watching and creating a perspective on your brand.
  • Show something that visually appeals to your audience and entices them to click on your video in the app store.

With Apple, there are not such strict guidelines. However, your video should be a little creative. Avoid using multiple backgrounds and experimenting with elements that directly don’t link to your app.

  • Go for Local Optimization

Nowadays, you must optimize your app for multiple regions. You cannot go just for English. If you are planning to launch the app on a global scale, you must provide users with local language and culture so that they can understand the app better.

Sure, Google translate does an excellent job in translating simple words, but it comes to whole apps you must hire a local to translate the app language and make it usable for that particular country.

For instance, if you take the word ‘computer’ in the Mexican language, it is known as ‘computadora’ while in Spanish, it is referred to as ‘ordenador’.

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These are little details that you can use to increase the engagement of your app and reach to more users in a short period.

You can use both ‘lift’ vs ‘elevator’ – both are correct. You want your app experience to be as human as possible and as customized for each user as possible.

It was revelated that more than 85% of the people are not willing to try an app after a bad experience. This means that there is an excellent chance of losing customer trust if they don’t find your app as appealing in the first time they use the app.

  • Launch app in the holiday season

If you want to make the best of the app, it is advised that you launch the app in a holiday season.

Every few months there is a holiday for something. If before launching in a particular country you take note on the holiday that is about to come you can quickly start the app in those days.

You don’t even need to do extreme changes; just a few changes will do the trick. By changing the color so that it gives an impression of that holiday and users will use the app just for the sake of resemblance of the app with the holiday season.

  • Work hard on the keywords

Keyword research is a must if you are willing to steal some downloads for your app.

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When the app is up on the store, you must study the competitors and understand which keywords are bringing them up on the search results.

Try using those keywords and see how you can utilize those keywords and make the best use of it.

Focus on keywords which are making your app get more hits. You can use analytics to know which of the keywords are doing great for your mobile app.

Use those keywords to raise your rank in the app store search results.

To conclude it all

If you have an app it is important to know that app without sales is nothing. You can take help from these 4 methods and market the app as much as possible.

There is no one way to succeed. You can try all of these methods and see which one is working right for your brand. If every method is working, that’s awesome, keep doing. And if only few are working that is also fine, keep doing them. What you cannot do is ignore any of these methods.