5 Things You Should Know About Software Leasing

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Software leasing is a smart alternative to buying software upfront. It’s often the more cost-efficient and productive choice for your company. If you’ve never leased software before, then there are certain things you should know about how it will benefit you and your company. Many of these are outlined below.

5 Things You Should Know About Software Leasing

1. It’s Cheaper Upfront

Software can get extremely expensive, and it may feel like buying software outright takes a huge chunk out of your yearly or quarterly budget. The upfront costs of leasing software are much lower, so you can save money and feel more confident about your budget management. Instead of paying one huge lump sum, you’ll be paying for your software monthly. Paying monthly is often easier for businesses to factor into their budgets.

2. It’s Always up to Date

Buying new versions of software is an extra expense that your company may not be able to afford. However, if you don’t upgrade to the latest software, then your systems will soon be obsolete.

If you lease your software, then you don’t have to worry about any of this. Software leasing companies always provide you with the most up-to-date version of the program you’re leasing, and they won’t often charge you extra when a new version of the software is released.

3. It’s Always Got Tech Support 

Most lease agreements include maintenance and technical support fees as part of your monthly payment. You’re always supported, and if something goes wrong, then you can be certain tech support will be there to fix it.

Having easy access to somebody who knows the software well will help keep productivity levels high during your working day. You won’t lose time trying to figure out how to use or repair the software on your own.

4. It’s Not Permanent

Sometimes your company may wish to switch to using different software after a few months or a year. However, you’ll still own the software you previously used even if you have no use for it anymore. This leaves you feeling like you haven’t got your money’s worth out of the software you purchased and now have no use for.

Leasing takes that feeling away. Once you finish your current lease agreement, then you’re under no obligation to renew it. This ensures you only pay for the software for as long as you use it.

5. It’s Risk-Free

Sometimes you may purchase software that you and your team immediately dislike. Many software selling companies won’t offer you a refund, so you’ll be stuck with something you know you won’t use. If you lose your software, then you may be able to negotiate a grace period of a week to a month where you can use the software without being sealed into a long-term contract. If you don’t like the software, then you don’t need to enter into the contract.

Leasing software is often the smarter choice for businesses. It costs less upfront, you always have access to tech support when you need it, and you won’t need to upgrade the software when a new version is released. Consider these things before leasing software to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into ahead of time.