6 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Student Should Know

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The internet and e-commerce changed marketing forever. It’s impossible to imagine a successful marketing campaign without engaging in digital space. So, it’s vital to learn about crucial digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter what your major is, any student can benefit from learning how to promote anything on the web.

Notably, with the ever-growing relevance of digital marketing, there are tons of strategies to pick from. Yet, not all of them are worth your time and effort. Some of them can be pretty questionable or downright shady. So, to save you some time, here are six digital marketing strategies that are worth learning about and being proven to be effective. 

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that over 70% of customers do their purchases influenced by social media? Companies have already caught on to the power of social media platform promotion. So, SMM is definitely not a new marketing trend, but it’s still one of the most promising out there. For one, it allows instant interaction with users in the comment section. And that alone is a powerful promotion tool. 

For instance, you’re more likely to choose someone who can write my research paper based on social media posts. It supports the service’s credibility and allows users to see various opinions from real people. Plus, there’s a lot to learn from how the company manages communication with their potential customers.

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Thus, SMM is useful to learn for any student. Whether you’d like to promote your Etsy shop or dream of working with major brands, SMM strategy is always going to be relevant. So, pay attention in class and look closer at the promotional content on the web. 


One of the most popular and most-used digital marketing strategies is search engine optimization. The idea is quite simple. It’s all about boosting your website’s ranking in the search engine results. The strategy is based on choosing phrases and keywords related to your product or service. So, it’s there to let your target audience know about your business.

Your keywords would be based on what a customer can Google when looking for a product or service you provide. Thus, if they see your website in the first three results, they’re likely to click and not look any further. People don’t make it to the second page of Google Search. 

So, the goal here is to keep your website showing on the first page in the first few positions.


This marketing strategy is all about the results. As the name suggests, the whole point of pay-per-click is rewarding potential customer engagement, So, you’re not paying for the ad space on the web but for a user clicking on your ad. Of course, for that to happen, your ad has to be on the first page of search results.

But the main goal is to get your potential customer to see a call-to-action on your landing page and end up with a purchase. No wonder it’s one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. A company earns seven times more than it invests in PPC on Google Ads. So, take some time to learn about the pay-per-check strategy.

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Content Marketing

Here, you target your audience via content like blog posts or articles on websites. Their purpose is informational rather than sales-inducive. Yet, it’s an effective way to show your customer a product or service they might be interested in. Content marketing is a more subtle approach to promotion. A customer is led on to discover a product mentioned in the article and make their decision.

A student who’s struggling with uni workload might stumble upon the article on time management. And one of the ways of owning your time is hiring the best dissertation writing services to deal with the less important papers. Thus, you’re showing them a solution with the service you’re promoting rather than aggressively pushing your product. It’s all about using effective keywords for your content. 

Email Marketing

A sort of old-fashioned but still effective strategy is email marketing. Notably, it’s a game for the long run. Realistically, users will not hurry to purchase whatever’s advertised in the email. But they will remember the brand and are more likely to become customers once they’ll need a product or service advertised. So, the emails should still be engaging and interesting.

Personalization plays a huge part in email marketing. It’s a great tool to perfect a campaign and make a potential customer feel special. Emails are more than just informational leaflets. With enough creativity it could feel like a casual invitation of a friend to check out a new collection or new feature. 

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Video Marketing

Finally, a pretty effective marketing strategy is video content. With the rise of TikTok and short video content, it’s worth learning about it. A lot of companies have embraced this marketing strategy by posting backstage clips or information and instructional videos for their audience. Some take it to another level of video blogging. Duo Lingo and the almighty owl come to mind.

But whatever approach you choose to follow, a video marketing strategy is worth looking into. It’s likely to become a preferable marketing technique in the near future. Especially considering how much time people spend on their phones watching video content. So, make sure to look it up and get more into video making. You might be surprised how your ability to make short video content can be beneficial to your future paycheck. 

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. Pay attention to these six digital marketing strategies useful for students of any major. Educate yourself on social media marketing to learn how to optimize social media features to the fullest. 

Look into the giant of digital marketing – SEO to get benefits from keeping your website on the first page of search engine results. Don’t neglect pay-per-click strategy and content marketing either. Try email marketing for the most personalized campaigns. And finally, keep on trend with video marketing strategy.