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6 Killer tips to make a marketing video that people will love

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With the changing trends in marketing, marketers are using the creativity of video animations as one of the most engaging, shareable, and efficient ways of digital marketing. Companies belonging to different industries are using video marketing to showcase their brand and product.

It is also a fact that, a lot of brands and companies out in business are flinching to from creating videos for their marketing campaigns because they feel they do not have the expertise or the budget to carry out the video making process.

Well, for business people who feels this way, don’t fret!

There are many 3D animation maker online that you can use keeping in mind the following six steps that has a significant role in making a successful marketing campaign.

Use animations in your marketing video

People love animated videos, as they are creative and entertaining. They appeal to almost any one and people of all ages. A lot of companies are using animate videos over live-action videos, as they are cost-effective and easy to make. Even if you don’t hire the entire team of designers and animators, you can DIY a creative video on various online platforms.

An animate video is easy to understand and as said above, it is entertaining. Therefore it attracts more attention than a live-action video. Animated videos are informative as well as they can be displayed in a simple manner. It helps in bringing your visions to life.

Display your unique self in the video

One of the biggest challenge that you can face is standing out. Well, believe it or not, you have a unique personality and potential to outshine in the crowd of hundreds and thousands of people. So why not displaying it in your video?

Always remember to build a video content that shows who you are and what you want your brand and company to become in near future. If the audience like your personality and vision, they are likely to become your loyal customers. Keep in mind that if your video fails to do so, it can also have a disastrous effect on your business.

One of the benefits of creating an animated video is that it has the ability to showcase the friendly side of your business and make your services or product easy to relate to for the customers.

Know your audience to clarify your message

Knowing your targeted audience is the first part of the pre-production process of creating a video animation. Don’t just assume that a customers want to see what you want to show them. Defining what the customer wants is a complicated process. It is necessary for a company to build buyer personas, after all, every customer has different preferences and interests, which you can exploit when planning your video content.

While it is important to know your audience, it is more crucial to know what you stand for. Don’t just try to explain what you do, your working process and your products in a single video, but make different videos explaining each side of your company to be more effective in the long run.

Make sure that your video tells your story

This is the initial step of the video production process. When writing a general story, one has to keep in mind the beginning, the main message and the end to make it more engaging. Same is the case with writing a perfect script. Show your viewers what’s happening in your story instead of narrating the whole story to them.

Although narrations is also a vital part of a video but visuals adds more to shaping your brand’s connection with the customers. Compelling stories with a suitable call to action will not only help in conveying your company message but also grab the attention of your potential customers.  

Keep your videos short

The essence of making a compelling video is to keep it as short as possible. An average explainer video, telling the customers about a product should not be longer than 30 seconds with an average word count of 70-80 words for the video script. Similarly a video of 1 minute should have the average word count of 150-160 word per script and so on.

The shorter your script is the more attractive and compelling your video will be. It helps in keeping the message super-fresh and valuable for the customers.

Set is with the perfect narrative and music

This is the final part of the video production process. You might have to find a voice-over artist to do the job or simply DIY the narrations to add in the video.

Adding music in the background can work magic in your animated video. Music is known to evoke the emotions of the audience and has the ability to set the tone and pace of your video.

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