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Most of us love to take photos using Digital cameras wherever we want to cherish our special moments. While handling a camera there is always a risk of slipping out of our hands. Therefore for extra precaution, we use a good camera strap for accidental falling. 

Despite living in the age of smartphone cameras that produce exceptional photos we require professional cameras to take pictures. But in terms of tweaks and adjustments smartphone hardly comes near any popular DSLRs. With a good quality camera strap, we can carry our expensive cameras without any risk of falling down. It is a great accessory to safeguard and easy operations while we are on the move. 

We need to look at certain features before buying any camera strap. As a buyer, we should always buy products that satisfy our requirements at its best. For example, we buy straps for a number of purposes such as for traveling, making vlogs, professional photography, filming,  etc. We have compiled the best 3 point slinger for cameras present in the market. 

Check out the list of best 3 point slingers for cameras present in the market to make your choice given below. 

1. Waka Pro sturdy DSLR strap 

Our first recommendation for a sturdy and heavy dirty 3-point slinger strap for your expensive camera is Waka Pro. 

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The build quality of this strap is made for long enduring tasks while the quality they used is tested in rough conditions. Overall we can rely on the build quality of this camera strap. 


  • Some of the unique features are the padding on the strap.
  • Small pockets to keep small accessories such as batteries and memory cards.
  • Feather weight improves productivity 
  • 16 inches pad length


  1. Sturdy quality. 
  2. Light weight design and comfortable pads. 
  3.  Easy to attach and detach


  1. Adjustment of the strap is clumsy and takes time 
  2. Absence of a stopping mechanism on the clip 
  3. The small storage pouch locking is unreliable. 

2. Black Rapid 20636 strap 

The strapped model Black Rapid 20636 comes from the house of a brand called “Black Rapid”. This 20636 model comes with a sporty design and features breathable fabric that enables sweat-free performance. In other words, this slinger design is for people who use their cameras for extreme activities. The 100% nylon fabric makes it sweatproof and allows flexibility up to 66 inches. 


  1. Enduring nylon strap material ensures free flow of air. 
  2. With attachments, the pads remain in place for extra support. 
  3. The swinging locking mechanism ensures a secured connection with the camera. 
  4. Ample length of the strap. 


  1. Doesn’t justify its price. 
  2. The Joints of the holding mechanism are made out of plastic which easily wears off. 
  3. It is quite impossible to adjust the strap once worn. 
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3. Slide camera sling by Peak design 

If you are looking for a simple design that apples your minimalistic preference then this Slide camera sling by Peak design is the one you should go for. The USP of this product is its simplistic design, reliable functionality and versatile functionality. 


  • Low key anchor 
  • Wide 1.3 inches strap with comfortable padding and easy adjustability 
  • Strong aluminium build adjusters guarantee toughness. 
  • Rubberised coating on one side of the strap for superior holding. 


  1. Rigid buckles and strong anchor points make this durable in long term. 
  2. Easy to use with simplistic design language. 
  3. Practical features to attach and detach easily. 


  1. The loops irritate while taking photos using the small viewfinder. 
  2. Leaves marks on the camera body in long run. 
  3. Material and fabric quality are substandard.  

4. Altura Rapid fire 3 point slinger

The practical design of Alture Rapid 3 makes it very convenient for everyday usage. The functionality of quick strap tweaking makes it one of the preferable straps for beginners. Additionally, a mini zipped pocket for keeping our memory cards and batteries makes it very handy.


  • Claw clamps enable easy connection with camera mounting points. 
  • Comfortable Padding on shoulders and neck area support long hours of usage with a camera. 
  • Anti-slip coating and metal plates allow great grip and sturdy hanging. 
  • Adjustable strap and safe tethering functionality.  
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  1. Value for money 
  2. Easy operations. 
  3. Highly comfortable with lightweight material. 


  1. Lacks any sturdy locking mechanism. 
  2. Mounting plate is not reliable as it lacks ample grip. 
  3. Tethering material requires to be more strong. 

5. True shot strap by USA Gear 

The Brand USA Gear is prominent to offer budget-friendly products. One such product is the True shot slinger offers a great budget option for 3 point camera sling with its “Ture shot” model. While at this price there are very limited options available at the price of $16 that offer multiple features. 

With a strong strap and easy adjustability that comes with a comfy shoulder pad Ture pad features are quite appreciating. Additionally, the shoulder pad has a mini storage pocket for storing batteries and memory cards. 


  • Customisable strap with extra padding 
  • Optional underarm strap feature
  • Mini pouch for storage 
  • Safety locks for overall strength 


  1. Long lasting & lab-tested fabric
  2. Highly customisable band with a wide grip. 
  3. Heavy 3-point linkage system. 
  4. Low price tag. 


  1. Pouch is too small for batteries. 
  2. Poor-quality screws, get loosened frequently. 
  3. Too long strap and intervenes daily usage. 
  4. Poor-quality padding,it requires additional layers. 

6. 1001001 Super classics by Tech USA

Brand such as Tech USA has made a reputation for several years in making camera accessories. From its camera strap production line, the 1001001 super classic is one of the hottest-selling models. It comes with a premium finish and distinctive design language. 

It comes with a range of accessories such as a sling strap, wrist strap, cushioned shoulder pad and extra attachments for customisation. 


  • Handly mini wrist holder. 
  • Extension kit 
  • Uni loops 
  • Strechable straps. 
  • Global standard material and lock design 


  1. High-grade material used in slingers
  2. A Stable design with enhanced comfort
  3. Designed for daily usage with long-run motive. 
  4. Gives a high value for our money invested. 


  1. Need an extra bag to carry its extra attachments 
  2. Not comfortable for tall users. 
  3. No extra bags or storage provided with the box