Best Tech Gadgets Changing the Plumbing industry in 2022

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Both commercial and residential plumbers are often in the market for new gadgets. Homeowners are also looking for new plumbing gadgets to make their lives that little bit easier.

There are tons of modern tools readily available that plumbers might want to add to their toolbox. 

Whether you are new to the plumbing industry, or perhaps you have been servicing your client’s homes or businesses for the past few decades, finding new tools can be an exciting process. Plumbers will have to keep a close on the new products entering the marketplace. They will need to know how to install, maintain, and fix these items.

Finding new plumbing gadgets has never been easier thanks to the web. You can find all different types of useful plumbing products online, and have them delivered to your door. Let’s take a quick look at some of these cool gadgets that have been making a lot of noise in the plumbing industry this year. 

Smart showers

Although a lot of homeowners are reluctant to spend their hard-earned cash on a brand new smart shower, few who have forked for these modern showers regret it. For a top-notch model, you can expect to pay over $5,000, so it’s no wonder you won’t find a smart shower installed in every home in the country. 

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Recently, these modern bathroom appliances have been growing in popularity. Here are a few reasons homeowners spend a fortune on these devices:

  • Change and save the shower settings: Each person living in your home can adjust and save the shower settings to suit their needs. 
  • Waterproof touchscreen: A full-color touch screen makes changing the shower settings easy, plus, it looks great in a modern bathroom!
  • Music: A lot of smart showers in today’s market come with pre-installed speakers. You can choose the song you would like to listen to on the touch screen and listen to it play while taking a shower!

Installing a smart shower can prove challenging, so it’s highly recommended you hire a professional plumbing service like Plumbers Dee Why to take on the task. 

Modern taps

Since the pandemic began, it seems like people all around the globe spend more time washing their hands than ever before to help reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the virus, so it’s not surprising that there are lots of modern taps entering the market in 2022. 

Some modern faucets have a small motor built into them. After a person washes their hands, these powerful motors will begin drying their hands for a certain length of time. 

You’ll come across a wide range of faucets available in traditional bathroom stores and online marketplaces. Although some are easy to install, others can prove tricky so you might need to hire a professional for help. 

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Cordless hammer

Most plumbers use traditional hammers on a daily basis. This trusty tool that so many people around the world rely on has just been upgraded! 

Plumbers find themselves in tight spaces day in, day out, so hammering can be difficult, which is why so many people have been investing in these cordless hammers. These modern tools are accurate and powerful, and they can be used to drive and remove screws in different types of materials. 


Not all modern plumbing gadgets cost an arm and a leg! Plumbers often find themselves working in dark areas, which is why most of them carry a standard torch at all times. However, instead of buying a basic $10 torch, lots of plumbers and DIY enthusiasts purchase small soldering torches instead. You can pick up one of these powerful torches for less than $20. Manufacturers claim that these last a lot longer than standard torches, so the chances of you being left in the dark are slim. 

Outdoor show for your pet

Showering our furry friends indoors can cause all sorts of problems, however, it is vital that we shower our pets regularly. Pet hair can easily clog your drains, which is why so many homeowners have been investing in outdoor showers specifically designed for pets. 

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Unfortunately, showering your dog or cat outdoor might not always be an option due to the weather, but during the summer months, it might prove to be a great investment. 


When shopping online for new gadgets available in the plumbing industry, don’t forget to read reviews posted by genuine customers. People who have bought plumbing tools and gadgets online often post feedback on the item they purchased. 

Even if you fancy yourself as a DIY expert, don’t be afraid to make contact with a reputable plumber for help installing or fixing a new gadget you have bought. If you make a mistake, especially while installing it, you might cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing.