CARS24 Launches Mega Refurbishment Lab in Bengaluru


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Post pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for pre-owned cars.  CARS24 sees these developments as an opportunity for growth and expansion.  To enhance overall customer buying and selling experience,  CARS24 launches its second-largest mega refurbishment lab in Bengaluru.

Established in 2015, CARS24 is currently the #1 used car platform in the nation. Apart from selling high‑quality refurbished cars and bikes, this brand provides services like used-car valuation, vehicle ownership transfer, finance, no-questions-asked return policy, 6-months warranty, doorstep delivery, etc.

As per sources, the company sells approximately 1,50,000 cars every year, which makes it India’s largest used-car selling platform. As part of their global plans, they have started operating in international markets such as Thailand, UAE, and Australia.

Establishment of the Mega Refurbishment Lab in Bengaluru

The newest facility in Bengaluru is the last of the seven mega refurbishment labs that were set to open in the country. It is spread over 1,05,000 sq. ft. of land; and on average, it can refurbish about 80-100 cars daily. Along with robust infrastructure, CARS24 is also leveraging machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence to make its vehicle refurbishment processes efficient and effective whilst eliminating subjectivity.

Kunal Mundra, CEO of CarsIndia-CARS24 said, “Bengaluru is one of the biggest markets for our company; not to forget, the Bangalore-Chennai industrial corridor is every leading automotive company’s main focus in India.” He also added that launching such premium refurbishing labs in Bengaluru would enable the people of Karnataka to get a hassle-free, high-quality used car purchasing experience.


To deliver a seamless experience, to solve genuine pain points, and to transform the way consumers buy and sell cars – CARS24 is leveraging technology at every step in a consumer’s journey. Whether it’s becoming the principal sponsor of one of the biggest IPL teams or establishing seven MRLs across the nation’s biggest metro cities, CARS24 has always been a step ahead of the competition. With this major infrastructural upgrade, this brand looks forward to offering the customers the best value for money on their vehicles while being assured of a product that is refurbished to ”as good as new”. Visit CARS24 to purchase good quality pre-owned vehicles.