Concept Cars That Should’ve Made It to Production Modernised

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These classic concepts have been updated by Chipex into modern supercars.

There have been plenty of concept vehicles over the years that we just wish could have been given the green light by their respective manufacturers. It seems like a horrible tease to be shown these shining examples of automotive engineering and then never actually build one that a real person can use.

1969 BMW 2800 Spicup

The 1969 SPICUP merges a spider and a coupe. Bringing this sassy, sporty car to modern times only took a few adjustments. We updated the grille to a modern BMW ‘double kidney’ signature and converted its identifiable hidden lamps to brooding LED’s. The innovative retractable three-piece roof was retained and wrapped in a stainless steel casing. This casing retained its iconic “wing” that supports the one-of-a-kind style of the SPICUP.

1971 Mazda RX500

The aggressive lines of the 1971 Mazda RX500 have been updated with a more fluid and modern set of angles while retaining the original overall look. We have changed the colour to its original green which supports its personality – Mazda painted it silver for the debut. The rear hatch and profile has been reduced making this a potential contender for future production.

1976 Chevrolet Aerovette

This futuristic sports coupe is immediately recognisable as a Corvette. To update it we’ve kept its shark like lines and enormous windshield but have reduced the overall profile, reducing the height and making the tail slightly more pointed. The retractable headlamps have been replaced with modern LED’s. The wheels have been updated to low profile for high performance.


1974 Lamborghini Marzal

This true four-seater with glazed gull-wing doors seems to have been design for scenic cruises in style. This vehicle has undergone an extensive update to modernize its lines, and angles. Taking cues from Lamborghini’s recent concepts, angular ground effects and vector like bumper styling bring this car to the modern time and maybe to the future.

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