Ellis and Burlington Review — Can They Get Your Money Back?

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Ellis and Burlington review

Despite the glorification of the crypto industry, it is still full of bad actors and scammers who are still from people falling victim to lucrative advertising and Facebook scams. Ellis and Burlington is a company that helps you get your money back! The FTC reports that over $770 million was lost to different scams proliferating on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. However, the number is significantly underreported. Learn more in this Ellis and Burlington review.

Many issues prevent people from reporting such crimes:

  • Some think that scammers are completely anonymous and cannot be tracked down. They will always get away with what they have done.
  • Many people believe that chasing criminals will eventually result in money loss without bringing any significant results.
  • Shame is a big factor. Some people do not want to admit that they were scammed and often don’t pursue recovering lost funds to just not talk about it.

Regardless of why so many cases remain unreported, it is a big problem. The crypto industry is evaluated at over $1 trillion during the historic downtrend. At its peak, it was over $3 trillion. While not as big compared to some other financial markets, it is still a massive industry that, sadly, provides endless opportunities for scammers to cause harm to thousands of people from all across the globe.

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Companies like Ellis and Burlington provide a valuable service. They track down scammers on your behalf and attempt to return your money for a fee.

How does Ellis and Burlington work?

The process is complicated when it comes to specific procedures, but the general course of action is straightforward and relatively simple:

  1. You reach out to the company and lay out your case in detail.
  2. The company conducts an evaluation and gives you a preliminary quote.
  3. The next step is gathering information. You will be thoroughly interviewed.
  4. Based on the gathered evidence, the company will conduct an investigation.
  5. When the investigative process concludes, the company will be able to identify the scammer.
  6. They will contact them and negotiate a compromise by using evidence as leverage.
  7. In most cases, scammers give in to pressure and return at least a significant portion of what they’ve stolen.

Can you trust Ellis and Burlington?

The company has a good track record and several years of experience in this field. The crypto industry has been filled with various fraudsters and scammers since the beginning of its popularity in the mainstream media.

Here are some reasons why you should trust Ellis and Burlington:

  • All communications between you and the website are encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorized people.
  • The privacy policy states that any personal information received during any communications is never shared with third parties and business partners.
  • The company employs strong antimalware and antiviral measures to ensure that data stored on its servers is safe.
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Advantages of Ellis and Burlington

There are many reasons why this particular agency stands out. The competition in this field is surprisingly high with hundreds of companies offering their services in money recovery. However, only a handful deserves your attention. Here are several benefits that clients of Ellis and Burlington enjoy:

  • The attentive investigative process that involves gathering relevant personal stories, summaries of events, documents, and other important evidence allows the company to reliably identify scammers. At the same time, you will receive valuable tips about cyber security and online safety.
  • The company has a long history of success in this complicated industry and managed to recover over $15 million throughout its existence. They helped several hundred people fully or partially recover money lost to scammers.
  • Ellis and Burlington will allow you to stay completely anonymous. All communications are confidential and never revealed to third parties. You can be sure that the subject of your conversations with detectives of the company will never be leaked online.

The main takeaway

Ellis and Burlington fund recovery firm has a proven track record and hundreds of positive reviews. It is a trustworthy company that will help you fight against illusive fraudsters and get your hard-earned money back.

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