FIFA Coins PS4 – how do I buy a package?


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As soon as the first editions of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode were released, there were already a lot of offers on the internet regarding the sale of FIFA Coins PS4 and for other platforms. There are many sellers, and most of them offer numerous discounts and promotional packages. The player has no choice but to buy. It’s not difficult, but a few things need to be taken care of to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and the Coins quickly add to your team’s budget.

We outline the next steps in the transaction and the requirements you need to meet.

FIFA Coins Xbox – why buy?

Coins in the FIFA games are a currency introduced to allow trading in the UT transfer market. You buy packs and player cards with them, as well as pay with them to enter additional modes such as FUT Draft. The rule here is: the more, the better. If you want to even dream of a powerful team, you need to be aware that it will only be possible to realise this goal with the solid support of FIFA Coins.

FIFA 23 Coins PS5 – step-by-step transaction

When you buy from the professionals, you choose a very simple purchase path. It usually looks like this:

1. Choice of method – you decide how the Coins should reach your account. At the moment, the best option is to choose the safest option, using new scripts that have a 99.9% success rate. Here you also specify the platform you are playing on. In this case, choose console platforms (PS5, PS4, XSX, XSS, XONE, Stadia).

2. Selecting the quantity – you can either set a specific value yourself or choose a ready-made package of FIFA Coins PS4, prepared by the seller.

3. {rovide the necessary data – the seller must receive your WebApp account login details and 6 security codes. However, remember never to share your email password with anyone. This would give unrestricted access to your account and make it possible to take it over. You do not need it to complete the delivery.

4. Pay for your order – all that remains now is to pay for your chosen Coins and await delivery. Should there be any problems with payment, the seller will inform you.

5. Delivery – the transfer of the Coins to your FUT account is handled by the seller. If you have opted for a proven and experienced service, the delivery will go smoothly and the receipt of Coins into your account will not be recorded by EA Sports.

After that, you can get down to strengthening your team.

FIFA Coins Stadia – delivery time

For console platforms, delivery waiting times are:

  • medium – 30 minutes;
  • maximum – 1.5 hours.

For the categories, the values are as follows:

  • Xbox Live (Gold, Game Pass) – average: 1 minute; maximum: 2 minutes.
  • PlayStation Network (PSPlus and PSN codes) – average: 1 minute; maximum: 2 minutes.

FIFA Coins PS4 – Requirements

When buying FIFA Coins Stadia, PS4, PS5 and for other consoles, you’ll need to complete some important formalities.

These are:

  • Account access – the person handling the delivery, must have access to the end. As such, you, as the player, cannot be logged into it. Log out of UT mode to the main menu and only then turn off the game or device. This will shorten the whole process considerably.
  • Minimum number of Coins in your account – make sure you have at least 2,000 Coins; if not, top up your Coins before making a purchase.
  • Unlocked transfer market – if it is currently inactive, you can unlock it by playing a few matches.
  • Blank slots – the transfer list on your account should have at least 5 blank slots.
  • Assigned cards – it is unacceptable for any cards to remain unassigned during the order process.
  • Correct details – the details provided to the merchant must be correct and refer to a compliant account.

FIFA Coins XSX – summary

Buying Coins for consoles is neither difficult nor risky. The most important issue remains the careful choice of supplier. Players have at their disposal vendors with several years of experience. Usually these are professional services that perform several hundred operations every day. Such a partner offers a guarantee of efficiency and security.