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If we talk about the Gaming world then many games strike in our mind by which we can release our stress for a moment. But In the world of shooting and survival game, “ PUBG” have the most powerful place in everyone’s mind these days as because PUBG ( Players Unknown battle ground ) have wonderful 3 Dimensional graphics and stunning Animation with his creative concept of First and Third person perspective shooting & survival.

About Fortnite Mobile Game

Fortnite battle royal game is very much similar to PUBG but it have its own specific creativeness by which It is making place in everyone’s mind. That creativeness with the same concept make it different from other survival and shooting games. In this game player are supposed to be land in unknown exotic places and fight for their survival , the player who will survive till the last will be the winner of the game.

Players have to collect weapons from the respective places like buildings , homes , hospital , school and etc and have to fight for their survival till the last and for that they have to kill the enemies who come in between the way of their survival. There is one storm eye that will shrink time by time by which the enemies will interact fast as staying outside the storm eye will suck your energy and you will die .


As all the shooting and survival games have the same concept that you can use weapons to kill the enemies and to fight for your survival but Fortnite is the game in which you can pick wood , stones, iron and etc to make your own defence shelter and You can destroy even the building in which the enemies are supposed to
be hidden. Every weapon have its own speciality in this game as every weapon work efficiently on the right time of use. It contains different types of modes in which you can play with your friend by being in the same squad and if you want to play a small game due to availability of time , you can play in between 50 enemies only. It is not mandatory that you have to play with 99 vs you but It is a facility in this game that will
make you feel like real and will never give boredom to you.


Fortnite mobile mod apk is one of the best and most successful battle royal game on these days which provide Unlimited money for in-app purchases , ability to see the hidden enemies behind walls , stones ,buildings and etc. This Fortnite mobile hack apk latest version 2019 is the only game which is able to give you every facility to make you feel like the things are realistic.


• It provides Unlimited money for in-app purchases which are really helpful to enhance
your abilities.
• Fortnite mobile mod apk gives the ability to see hidden enemies who are hiding behind the trees, stones, walls, buildings, etc.
• It will provide you the facility of perfect landing by making you informed about the landing of enemies so you can land on the safe place and give the best start to the game.


• Uninstall the basic version of the game and download the Fortnite mobile mod apk 2019 from the given link.
• Install the app by giving allowance to the device for the installation of unknown sources.
• Extract the obb file to the internal storage < Android < obb.
• Login with Facebook or Twitter, even you can play as a guest too.

• Enjoy the party of shooting and make yourself able to complete the daily task given in the game in order to lose boredom from your life.

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