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A portable monitor is the best way for professionals on the go to display visual content or presentations. Choose from high-performance wired or wireless portable OLED monitor models with 15.6-inch touch screens and lightweight designs. Learn how a portable monitor can make it easier for you to get your work done anywhere.

Wireless & Simple

Portable monitors are simple to use. There are two RICOH portable monitor models to consider, the 150 and 150BW. The 150BW wireless portable monitor is a versatile display that you can use anywhere at any time. A built-in battery has a continuous operating time of 3 hours or up to 20 hours when connected to a power source and charges in approximately 2.5 hours. Both models also feature two integrated 1.5 watt speakers for multimedia presentations.

These easy-to-use portable monitor models are designed with integrated stands that display the screens at angles ranging from 16 degrees to 75 degrees. The wireless 150BW model can connect wirelessly to a PC or smartphone via the Miracast® application. Two USB-C connection ports on these models support charging or direct connection to a smartphone, Mac or PC.

Touch Screen Responsiveness

Both the 150 and 150BW portable monitors have 10-point multi-touch displays to allow for effortless input on the go. The operating system of the device that you are using must have touch support to use this function. The 150BW model also features wireless touchback capability. The innovative approach to device design that produced a one-button double sided scanner has now transformed the market for portable displays.

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Touch screen portable monitors are highly responsive to input from your fingertips and support annotating, drawing, writing or making precise input with a Stylus Pen. The Stylus Pen designed for use with these monitors has Active Electrostatic technology with 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels. You can easily set the integrated monitor stand to the recommended writing angle of 16 degrees. Purchase a Stylus Pen separately to make the most of the touch screen features of a 150 or 150BW portable monitor.

Lightweight Design

The model 150 portable monitor is one of the lightest touch screen portable monitors on the market, weighing in at just 19.8 ounces. With the addition of just 5.4 ounces, the wireless 150BW model includes an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery that makes it possible to use this display almost anywhere. The 150BW model weighs 25.2 ounces, and both of these models only measure approximately 0.19 inch thick at the thinnest point. 

You can work anywhere when you bring a lightweight display. Use a portable monitor model that can connect with your devices through USB-C or choose the 150BW model for the option to wirelessly connect to up to two devices via the Miracast® app. A Windows® PC can connect with up to five 150BW portable monitors, with support for touch operation on one monitor. Rather than relying on small device screens, you can use a 15.6-inch portable monitor to boost your productivity and make it possible to see the big picture.

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