How to Create a Strong Password?

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Creating a strong password is important for our safety. We build strong passwords to secure our accounts, credit cards, and lockers. Many people in today’s world take passwords very smoothly and keep their names in passwords, or counting starting from 1 to 8. This is why hackers can easily break into the passwords and get unauthorized access to their accounts. You must take the necessary steps to ensure that your password is strong such as you can leverage a strong password generator to generate passwords that can not be easily guessed and use them as your new strong password. 

If you are still confused about creating a strong password, then no worries. This article will discuss how to create strong passwords that no one can decipher, so make sure you read until the end. 

Why We Create Strong Passwords?

Hackers have become more and more prevalent in accessing your accounts. Hackers aim to gain access to someone else’s account for free. Having a simple password makes it easy for hackers to get into your account. 

There are many types of passwords, including social media accounts, online bank account passwords, etc.

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It is always possible for a person who has access to your account to cause problems in real life.

Approximately 70% of accounts are hacked because of weak passwords, which is why it is recommended to keep a strong password. By choosing a strong password, you can prevent hackers from cracking your account and gaining access to your personal information.

What are the Best Ways to Create Strong Passwords?

The best to create a strong password is to use all types of characters in it and change the case level of characters. Some platforms don’t even let you proceed if the guidelines of passwords aren’t fulfilled.

Can We Use a Strong Password Generator?

To create a “strong” password, it is best to use a strong password generator. Using this tool, you can get random strong passwords and change the characters’ case level. Further, you can adjust numbers and symbols in between or at the end of the password.

Anyhow, you shouldn’t pick difficult-to-remember words for your passwords. Just make sure that the random words you choose at least relate to any of your memories, special events, or any other important aspect of your life. 

Can We Use Sentences As Passwords?

Making sentences is the best method to build a strong password. You can use the first two words of the sentence rather than entire lines to create a password. The sentence can be any statement that’s easy to remember for you. For instance, you write, “Mary did not enjoy cooking.” The password will be based on this sentence will be “Madinoenco.” 

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If you are good at playing with words, this method is a good option for building strong passwords.

Is a Long Password a Good Password?

There is particular importance of length in a good password. The standard length for a password is eight characters, but the if the user wants it can make it as long as he/she wants. The longer the password is, the stronger it is. 

The long password is built using random words of different case levels with numbers and symbols. 

However, it also has some minuses. Since the long password contains many characters, it is hard for the user to remember it as it is. Things can get complex if the user forgets the password, the characters used in it, or the case of the characters.

Is Short Password a Good Password?

Short Passwords are easy to guess. The user who chooses a short password usually has an easy password. It’s because choosing a short password means choosing the name of someone or something close to you, a particular date, phone number, or something important. It makes the password weak and easy to crack.

The best way to create a short password is to use random words. Suppose you can’t think of any random words. The word generator can come in handy. It helps to create unique words and passwords, which are almost impossible to guess and crack.

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How to Keep Your Password Safe?

The first step was to create the password of all your accounts. Now, the next step is how to secure it from hackers. The best way to keep your passwords safe is using two-factor authentication. 

Two-factor authentication can be enabled to make your account more secure. Even if someone hacks into your account and steals your password, they will be required to pass another step. 

A code is sent to your email or phone number to confirm that it’s you or someone else. The account can be accessed only if the code is entered. Indeed, with this strategy, the hackers can’t access your account, and your passwords remain safe. 


The password is just like the home of your account. To secure it, you should make a good lock of your house. The thief can quickly enter and steal your data if the lock is weak. In simple words, passwords should be strong. Do not take it lightly; if you are incapable of creating a good password, use tools such as a strong password generator to get random but difficult-to-guess word ideas for passwords.