How to Stop Feeling Stressed about Money


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Are you finding 2022 to be stressful? You are not alone. Millions of Canadians notice the rising prices. Everything is becoming more and more expensive from housing costs to groceries and gas. Mortgage rates are also higher than they used to be. This is what makes Canadian consumers anxious. 

No matter what your background is or how old you are, financial stress is what many people experience these days. If money topic is stressing you out, here are the tips to help you stop feeling anxious and ease your mind.

Symptoms of Financial Stress

Some people may identify serious symptoms of financial stress while others have more subtle signs of burnout. It may seem overwhelming to deal with such situations and symptoms. Watch for these symptoms and signs of financial stress:

  • Feeling apathetic or cynical towards your monetary goals;
  • Constantly thinking about your budget;
  • Feeling guilty, depressed, or exhausted about your finances;
  • Feeling stressed about where your income goes;
  • Lack of sleep or increased anxiety just thinking about money.

Those who experience any of these signs and symptoms are probably struggling with financial stress. Some people take out Manitoba payday loans to cover urgent expenses till the next salary day. This is a common option for many Canadians but if you fail to repay the debt on time, you may also feel stressed having to deal with penalties. Fortunately, you are not alone and there are ways to help you deal with this stress and get rid of it.

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Tips to Stop Feeling Stressed about Money

If you feel worried and anxious about your personal finance, it may prevent you from moving forward with your financial goals. Financial experts have identified some working tips to take control of your finances and avoid burnout. Keep on reading and following these tips to stop stressing about money.

#1 Don’t Allow Finances Consume Your Thoughts

Take a step back and let go of the past if it seems finances are consuming all your daily thoughts. If you want to accomplish your targets and improve your financial habits, you need to earn more money and repay existing debts. 

Try to avoid looking at your checking account for a week as nothing will change during this short time but if you constantly review your account balance you will feel even more stressed out.

#2 Set Up Monthly Auto Payments

Have you already set up auto payments? If not, this is an important thing to do. Setting up monthly auto payments will help you never feel pressed for money or anxious about making regular payments. Many Canadians are stressed every month as they try to remember about on-time payments. 

Keep your money diary with all the upcoming payments so that you know what you need to cover every week. And remember to check your bank statements at the end of each month to ensure your payments were successful.

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#3 Look for Professional Advice

According to the 2022 Financial Stress Index issued by FP Canada, 38% of Canadians claim money causes the most stress in their lives. This is especially true of those who say the global pandemic had a serious impact on their level of financial stress. Canadian consumers who don’t work with a financial advisor are also more likely to say money causes them the most stress.

Worries about money are the lowest among retired people. More than four in ten respondents have lost sleep due to financial worries. Two in ten claim getting financial advice from a professional would help to lower financial stress, but saving more still comes out on top. 

Forty-six percent of Canadians say saving more would help to lower financial stress, with fewer people saying that paying down debt (38 percent) can help. Seeking out professional guidance from a certified financial planner may be beneficial for consumers who are trying to accomplish their financial goals and want to eliminate stress.

#4 Open Up to Your Family

Financial issues can affect the whole family. Support of your relatives and loved ones can be significant for calming your down. A key thing is to realize that you aren’t alone in dealing with temporary financial stress. Once the situation stabilizes and you repay your debts, you will feel more secure. 

It may be embarrassing to talk to your family about money matters but keeping your relatives informed about your financial situation may even help you find additional solutions. Every person in your family is also worried and concerned about financial stability. Allow them to express their monetary concerns and make certain you take some time to listen to their worries if they want to talk.

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#5 Track Your Expenses

Another important tip is to create a monthly budget and keep track of your expenses. One in three Canadian consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 claim that having a better understanding of their monthly costs and taking steps to track their spending would reduce financial stress. Are you willing to gain control of your personal finances? If yes, here is what you can do:

  • Calculate your net income (your paycheck minus deductions);
  • Track your spending (include your regular costs and variable expenses). Regular costs include monthly bills, rent payments, etc. Variable expenses include groceries, entertainment, clothing, etc.
  • Set achievable targets. What do you want to achieve next month? When are you willing to retire? What do you want to have in three years?
  • Set spending limits to reach your targets faster and make certain you stick to your budget.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, when you are feeling stressed about money and financial uncertainty, it’s easy to concentrate your attention on negative aspects. Of course, you don’t need to ignore reality and take steps to avoid stress, you should also take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life to give your mind a break from the constant stress. These tips will assist you in an attempt to become more confident and secure about your personal finances.

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