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Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are becoming the utmost need of coming future, due to its numerous uses in a number of fields dealing with range of areas. While utilizing the modern technology knowledge Oxyhelp industry manufactures premium designed Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers in many varieties for 1 to 2 persons use, lying to sitting, delivering affordable and high-end hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers to home personal use, wellness centers, beauty spas, therapy clinics, gym, sports recovery centers to everyone. In this article I will discuss about the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for Personal Home Use And Professional Wellness/Beauty Centers & Clinic Therapy Use, Athletes Speed Recovery And Enhance Performance Use, Also People With Wheelchair. Continue your reading to end for more information about HBOT advances! 

Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers 

Chambers are built on the principle of (HBOT) where user breathe inside pure oxygen chamber with 2 times more ATM pressure resulting in improved natural healing of body. Oxyhelp chambers are build with strict and advanced technological specifications safe for home application and comes with low running costs and maintenance. Oxyhelp manufactures are now providing hyperbaric chambers for non-medical purposes also e.g. Home use therapy, beauty and wellness salons, fitness and sports centers, training centers for professional athletes. 

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Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers 

Oxygen is the component of human body that is essential for normal cell metabolism. After taking hyperbaric oxygen therapy in oxyhelp chambers you can expect improvement in lymphatic system and blood circulation, accelerates healing time for minor and major sports injuries, anti-inflammatory effects for subcutaneous fat and many other. Also, widely used in beauty centers for anti- ageing purposes and helpful for traumatic brain injury. 

Oxyhelp industries and manufactures 

We are dedicated, to making hyperbaric oxygen therapy easily accessible to everyone. Our advanced HBOT technology caters to a range of users including individuals seeking, at home treatment, wellness/beauty centers, clinics, athletes looking for recovery and improved performance and even those who use wheelchairs. We offer a selection of oxygen chambers, including portable options (both lying and sitting types) sturdy chambers and chambers that are wheelchair accessible. We take pride in our reliability, responsiveness and prompt customer support.

How hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves sports performance 

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber enables athletes to recover from major and minor injuries from rapidly. It is been seen that intense sports injuries can inflict major or minor trauma to body either directly or indirectly. Oxygen intake in hyperbaric oxygen chamber at high ATM pressure increase the healing rate allowing the injured athletes to recover faster. Significantly hyperbaric oxygen therapy can optimize the athletic activity, helping players to come back on field faster. 

Application of chambers in beauty and wellness centers 

Growing application of HBOT to favor aesthetic objectives is relatively advanced approach. Enhanced oxygen level promotes healthy blood circulation resulting in rejuvenation and repair of damaged skin cells. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enables the body cells to heal after trauma inhibiting the way of wrinkles and spots. It promotes the collagen synthesis and tissue generation to heal body from after-effects of deadly skin disorders. HBOT promotes healthy ageing and reactivate dead skin cells. 

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Provides energy for everyday needs 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works as a miracle for users with chronic fatigue. Responses we receive from patients tell is that how much better they feel after taking therapy in oxygen chambers https://oxyhelp.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-chambers/ . It’s safe, enriching and effective treatment says our many users. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be extremely beneficial for patients with depression that need additional treatment beyond medication and psychotherapy. 

HBOT for wound healing 

Oxygen is essential for natural wound healing, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been effectively employed as an adjunct treatment for promoting wound recovery. Wounds and burns need special treatment to recover properly which is the reason, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works best to reduce the chances of surgery for mild to severely injured patients. This works best for embolism, CO poisoning, traumatic ischemia, affective skin tissues and etc. 

How this actually works? 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an method that enhances the oxygen levels in tissues and extends the supply of oxygen to the surrounding areas of wounds caused by reduced blood flow. This process stimulates the growth of blood vessels. Facilitates the healing of wounds. When therapists work with patients who have suffered injuries their main objective is to close the burn wound. The primary effect of thermal burns is the destruction of skin and impairment of muscle skeletal capacities, depending on the severity of the burn. 

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Enhanced brain performance with HBOT 

20% of our total body oxygen is consumed by our brain. Many studies have shown that HBO ( hyperbaric oxygen environment) with maximized level of oxygen supply to brain, directly enhances the performance of complex/ multiple activities. Studies have demonstrated that cognitive and motor task performance exhibits enhancements when undergoing oxygen therapy as compared to a normal atmospheric pressure environment. For tasks the improvement is statistically significant, with a p value of 0.006 while for motor tasks the improvement is also significant with a p value of 0.02. The brain utilizes most of the oxygen it receives during its state. When confronted with complex or multiple tasks (such as multitasking) it adjusts the distribution of oxygen supply, among different regions by regulating blood flow. Simple is that in a world where everybody wants to become multitasking Oxygen therapy is like exercise for your mind. 


OxyHelp, a company dedicated to champion the benefits of oxygen and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as complementary therapy for sports performance and wellness objectives. Oxyhelp industries and manufactures have installed more than 2k hyperbaric chambers around the world. Our clients starts from beauty and spa centers and this list extends to even sports athletes. We are working with the vision of world where optimal health is not an exception it’s reality. Curing the world most of the problems is not a science fiction it’s reality now and in future. In this article I have elaborated about what role HBOT chambers can play to promote healthy lifestyle. It’s an advanced technological revolution that still has many benefits hidden to be revealed in future. So, why to wait for order one for your own home or service!