In this bear market buy these 3 cryptos


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The crypto galaxy has always been versatile. The meteoroids and rocks collide with the cryptos in space resulting in volatile trends. When the circumstances are favorable, the planets representing the crypto tokens are on the mark setting milestones. They set a glaze on the investor’s face along with pride. If you want to invest in bitcoins then you can visit online trading platforms like Follow this link

Alongside this, investors also consider the price of each crypto and whether or not f they’re worthwhile. Price and scalability are the main ingredients to spice up a token. A token with scalability fixtures complimented with the best price is what investors dwell for.

Last summer had driven the crypto investors crazy as the market crash hit a hardcore. It was difficult for the investors to rely on the crypto bear market any longer. Operations and flow of cash almost came down to nothing. Yet, the crypto market space did not completely collapse. The rebounding nature has set up and is aiding with intense speed. 

New tokens with a diverse variety of features have turned up and are thriving in innovation and technology. However, there is no such guarantee that the market will not collapse. To be a safe player, let’s take a quick view at some of the safest tokens that will keep your guard on:   

  1. Cosmos (ATOM)

The ATOM project is currently hitting high targets with sea shores hitting hard on the crypto market. This is a great turn after the 6-month long crypto dips atmosphere. The native token of Cosmos is ATOM which the users can trade on the portal. 

The characteristic features of the token include low gas fees which means the transactions of ATOM are cost-effective. Additionally, the transactions on this portal swiftly unleash an investor’s demand precisely. The portal holds all the required ingredients wisely making it the best choice for an investor pick. 

The platform of Cosmos has an aim-driven reputed framework gaining an upward gaze. Cosmos access feasible solutions to the global network that old cryptos struggle to acquire in their model. These solutions invariably include minimal fees, quick transactions, and a user-friendly base of the ecosystem. 

ATOM connects several blockchain systems comparable to Polygon (MATIC) and Polkadot (DOT). Thus, resolving the energy inefficiency factor on the platform. It smoothes the interoperability nature reflected in the progressive performance of the ATOM token. 

  1. Cronos (CRO) 

An abundance of variant species of cryptos in the industry gives a wide number of choices to buyers. If you’re an investor looking for a cheaper alternative to diversify your portfolio then for Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Solana (SOL) then Cronos can be a great pick. 

Cronos chain the native token of the Cronos platform is built by This is a payment trading company offering financial services. It owns a decentralized open-source blockchain base with the utmost transparency in its transactions. It entirely promotes the growth of the blockchain industry by accessing and permitting global blockchain usage,  

It is a complete package of a satisfying blockchain portal accessing a variety of features and user-friendly concepts.

 The climate of the Cronos (CRO) seems all clear in its visibility radius and will favor the investors. Popular platforms like Binance and Coinbase offer this coin on their portal. 

  1. Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

In the prevailing bear market, Big Eyes Coin is all set to grab all the eyes of investors. It is a meme coin that is running in its presale phase. The portal has an abundant supply of BIG tokens on its portal and has a base on Ethereum (ETH). 

The tokens enable gas-free transactions on its blockchain base which is a major characteristic factor for its demand. It has already crossed $31 million in the presale period and is all set to strive for more. It features no transaction fee which is a superficial factor for resourcing millions of traders and investors on its portal.

Big Eyes Coin assists a green light for an investment right now to proceed for the long term. The returning power of BIG tokens also seems to be inclined over time. Bitcoin smart  is a place where you can invest in cryptos easily.