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Lack of standardization hampering the unpreceded growth of IoT?

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No doubt that Internet of Things is growing at a rapid speed. IoT is trying to be everywhere, simply because it can turn out to be pretty helpful in various fields including the corporates, healthcare, agriculture and even the educational fields. There are a plenty of benefits of IoT. They optimize and speed up the operations, make it easy to perform tasks, increase efficiency etc. But, at the same time, there are a few shortcomings of the technology as well. One of the major challenges that the Internet of Things industry faces is the lack of standardization.

Why are people loving Internet of Things?

Though, the Internet of Things IoT industry is expected to touch the $20.9 billion by 2020. The reason behind this growth is that IoT basically makes it quick and easy to meet the targets and attain the desirable results. Now, IoT is not all about only the smartphones or the smart home gadgets, in fact it has gone beyond that. In the present time, you are going to a find a lot of new and exciting devices which will be a part of the Internet of Things system. IoT has basically enables the people to very swiftly transfer the data from one device to another, without much fuss.

What are the major shortcomings of IoT?

Internet of Things is surely the main focus of a plenty of companies and researchers in order to find out the possible challenges. Experts are trying to find out the major issues with either the design, functionality of the architecture of IoT.  On of the chief shortcomings of IoT is the lack of defined protocols and standards. At the same time, lack of agreement is also regarded as one of the challenges. However, the biggest of them all is surely the absence of a single platform of standardization. The platform is modified and is different because of a bunch of linked devices and their heterogeneity. We have to identify the presently existing art standards. Also, we have to even figure out the ways to rectify the standardization issues.

Even a single weak device can hamper the functionality of the IoT system

Standardization is basically having a set protocols. In many ways, standardization is even correlated to the security standards of the IoT environment. And, when it comes to the security of the IoT devices and the data which is being stored and transferred it is surely the top priority of any company. Not everyone knows that routers, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices can be insecure as well. Especially when the devices are interconnected, the security risks double up automatically.

Even a single weak devices can definitely pose a threat to the complete IoT system. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that all the devices which are a part of the IoT system meet the same security standards. Some of the IoT systems even have the personal devices connected. There also, it is extremely important to make sure that the devices maintain the security requirements.

Is the absence of standardization bad for the IoT world?

The absence of uniform standards is surely one of the pain points of the IoT sector. IoT aims to develop a world where every possible device is able to work in sync with other, however, this can only happen if there is some uniformity in the system. There has to be some common communications protocols. At the same time, interoperability is also something that is very important.  

It is always suggested to prepare a hub devices, which has the potential to enable the user to control a wide range of IoT devices from one place, or through a single device. This seems to be a great idea, but it has its own set of challenges as well. So, experts really have to figure out ways to improve the standardization if they really want IoT to grow as expected.


In order to make sure that Internet of Things systems work perfectly, we have to make sure that the security standards as well as the obligatory certificates are available for each and every device. At the same time, there should surely be some standard set protocols which the complete system should also follow. This is the only way to foster the growth of the IoT systems using offshore software development services. As, no matter how useful Internet of Things is, as long as it is not safe, there is simply no use of it.

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