Lubrication Revelation: Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Your Car


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A car’s engine is no less important or insignificant than the heart of a human. A man gets due blood circulation with a healthy heart, likewise, the right and quality engine oil when purchased from the proper place matters. For example, you should know the price of engine oil at boodmo. This is done to give a new lease of life to the car by having quality engine oil.  Failure of which, the engine may stop working abruptly and cost a large amount from your pocket. Hence, before you begin your search for the proper engine oil.

Choosing the recommended oil enhances the performance of your engine while extending the engine’s life too. The right and proper selection of oil minimizes the cost that you otherwise have to incur on frequent maintenance. So, it eventually helps you to save. Irrespective of whether you drive occasionally or your work necessitates you to drive for hours together, it is important to understand the situations and factors that will help you get the right engine oil for your vehicle. So the first step is to know the price of engine oil at boodmo in order to ensure a smoother ride while having better fuel efficiency and you experience fewer problems in the engine. Above all, your car continues to provide the best performance that can eventually make you tension-free in the long run too.

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Let’s now take a look at the factors that help you choose the right engine oil for your car:-

Read the car’s manual

Many car owners fail to properly go through the car’s manual which actually deserves an honest reading at least once. Why? Since, it enlightens the commuters with a series of tips, advice and suggestions that indirectly help them act and drive responsibly. Likewise, being dutiful also means to know the price of engine oil at boodmo  for choosing the recommended engine oil that is suited for the car. There is also a special mention of the viscosity grade along with the performance standards which are also a parameter prior to selection. The viscosity rating of engine oil is denoted by values like 5W-30. For a layman, it indicates the performance that happens at different temperatures. Here, it is to be mentioned that lower values prevail for cold environments and vice vera

Be mindful of driving habits

You often have to drive in conditions that are considered extreme like in adverse climatic conditions that is either too hot or cold. Similarly, if the nature of your work is to tow heavy loads then you need an engine oil that is formulated or meant for similar challenging conditions so that you get greater results.


The commuting distance that you cover often arising out of your professional or personal necessities is important for choosing the right engine oil. Since, a shorter commute doesn’t let the engine reach its optimal operating temperature, thus forcing it to degrade faster. Therefore, a synthetic oil with high performance is best suited that has a good viscosity stability

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You deserve to purchase quality engine oil from a reputed brand

No matter how much you are tempted to buy engine oil locally, simply shrug the thoughts off. Remember, that engine is your lifeline, where the engine oil once goes inside, actually reaches through the nook and corners of the complex mechanism. Therefore, go for a brand that has a reputation, since people will naturally have positive reviews for the same. Additionally, your engine needs sufficient lubrication to get up and running smoothly every time you turn the ignition on. Isn’t it?

Driving style

If you are a driver who often resorts to high-speed driving or rough driving (of course it is not recommended due to safety concerns) then that will put extreme pressure on the engine. Your engine will rightly experience additional stress thereby needing a higher-performance oil to maintain its viscosity for facing the prevailing conditions. However, on the other hand, if you drive in a moderate manner, then standard oil is what you can surely opt for.

Consider the age and mileage of the car

If you have a vehicle that you have been commuting for quite some time now. In other words, if it comes in the category of older vehicles and has high mileage, then you should get high-mileage oils. They are uniquely formulated keeping in mind the specific necessities associated with older engines.

Use of Antioxidants

Engine oils produce oxidation products when come in contact with high temperatures as it degrades oils by reducing their performance too. Hence, this is where antioxidants minimize the oxidation process while enhancing and extending the life of engine oil. Antioxidants is a chemical compound (also known as oil additives) that enhances the performance of engine oils.

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Anti-wear agents

It is another one of the oil additives that equally safeguards the diesel engines and its associated part by forming a protective film on metal surfaces to remove the possibility of wear and tear. It reduces friction and prevents damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to choose a recommended oil for the car?

The car’s manual is handy for all the drivers and owners, so before you head to buy the engine oil, refer to it. Go for the viscosity grade that your car manufacturer has recommended for your vehicle.

How long should the car oil last?

Your car oil is now sealed open and it will be perfect to use between 2 and 5 years. However, if you don’t use it within the suggested time, then you will slowly see it breaking down its properties and that indicates, it will not be as effective as it was before.

When should I get an oil change for my car?

You should get an oil change if you have commuted at least 10,000 kilometers or 6000 miles and it is important not to exceed a year.


It is important to choose proper engine oil. Your car performs to its optimum when undergoing regular check–ups. Similarly, the aforesaid post has talked about loads of factors that determine your choice of engine oil. Finally, you are very confident to make an important decision about the best engine oil that your engine deserves to meet the needs of your car. Hence, you will ensure that the overall health of your vehicle improves and so does the performance and longevity. After all, nothing matters more than being a proud owner of a properly working car for sure.