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MAY 17, 2022/ USA: The world of technology is rapidly evolving, and many changes are happening rapidly. Many devices are operating wirelessly with ease and effectiveness. Apparently, technicians are on the case to ensure that traditional items are manufactured to the highest technical standards. Items like microphones and tan tables that used to have many confusing cables can easily operate without any apparent cables. Some of them use batteries and magnetic power to coordinate with other sound items. Nonetheless, nothing much has changed in terms of cost, but the quality is sure and at par. With the introduction of many products, people need to know some of the quality items to go for. Midnight Magic Sounds is one of the leading companies specializing in producing comprehensive reviews of products.


Usually, the long-lastingness of a product may also determine its cost. Every client deserves a durable product that is easy to use. Such products give the user the actual value of their money and any other repair costs. When buying electronics, it’s ideal to know how durable they are. Some companies offer warranties on their products. Sometimes, when buying online, clients can read through the reviews and check what clients say about the product. Midnight MagicSounds has a comprehensive comparison of the durability and differences between the JBL Charge 3 and 4. The speakers have a waterproof feature that protects them from water, while the fabric cover protects them from dust, thus enhancing durability.

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Sound Performance

When a client is looking for a speaker, one of the things they look for is the sound performance. This item is one of the key differences between the JBL Charge 3 and JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers. The Charge 3 uses two drivers to bring out a magical stereo sound, while the Charge 4 has a single driver that provides a mono experience. The mono channel does not in any way affect the original sound experience. The Charge 3’s mid-range sounds enhance its clarity and give it a unique kick of bass. Midnight MagicSounds has prepared a good comparison review for the two speakers.

Battery Power

A battery is a crucial feature that many electric devices have. Items such as phones and laptops can’t work properly without their batteries. Furthermore, these items are a great power source for the devices. Sometimes, batteries differ depending on the size and the amount of voltage they can carry. For instance, the Charge 3 speaker has a battery carrying capacity of up to 6000 mAh, while the Charge 4 has a power of 7500 mAh. Even though they are equal in size, they don’t carry the same amount of power. Luckily, they have equal battery life.

About the Company

Midnight MagicSound is an online platform that specializes in producing high-quality and well-researched reviews of sound devices. It provides comparisons and reviews for products like microphones, turntables, headphones, speakers, and others. It also helps clients purchase quality sound devices through its recommendations. The company’s main aim is to update people on the upcoming and quality products they can get. 

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