Next level: 4 expert financial marketing tips for 2022


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Financial marketing is all about finding your niche and marketing to it with aplomb. Finding the right target demographic is paramount to financial marketing success as you need to find the right people who can truly benefit from your financial services.

Financial marketing services are the best way to ensure you can reach your target demographic, but there are some tips you can always implement to ensure your brand goes to the next level in 2022:

  1. Know your audience

As already mentioned – this is pivotal for financial marketing services. You are likely selling a service that doesn’t apply to everyone, and that’s why it’s vital to know exactly who you are looking to market towards.

But how do you do this? Simple, really! You build a customer profile. This basically entails deciding on who you are trying to reach, what kind of person they are, what is their current financial situation and why they will need your services.

Once you begin your marketing efforts, you can then use amazing apps like Google Analytics that will further detail the people visiting your website. This is all vital information for knowing exactly who you are trying to reach and then how to reach them.

  1. Incorporate short-form videos

That’s right, videos aren’t only for influencers looking to make a quick buck with a product they don’t actually use – financial services can benefit from them, too. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to sell your financial services, you will realise that people are becoming more inclined to simply watch a video than to read all about a service in an elongated blurb.

Just look at it like television advertising but much cheaper than the real thing and with potentially more access to your clientele. Use short videos (around 30 seconds in length) to talk about your services, what you sell and even show customer benefits from using your services.

With proper targeting this is a great way to put your brand forward in the year to come.

  1. Take blogs to the next level

Despite video’s rise in digital popularity, blogging is still a fantastic way to build a trusting relationship with prospects. If your financial services company has a blog you can explain your services to attract leads.

Not everyone knows about finances, and that’s why they are looking for you to handle it for them, right? Blogging can make your brand a true industry authority, telling your customers everything they need to know about your industry and subtly steering them in your direction in the process.

Not only this, but effective blogging can be a valuable asset to your overall SEO campaign, something that will continue to grow in importance as time goes on.

  1. Engage with your audience

Digital marketing has allowed companies to engage with their audiences in a way that has yet to be seen. By consistently communicating with your clientele via social media, email and contact forms, you will be able to build a strong rapport with your clientele as well as showing potential clients that you care about what your clients have to say (which, of course, you do!).

Engaging with your audience is one of digital marketing’s most important aspects: it allows you to better understand your customer whilst keeping up important appearances with them.  

After all, nobody wants to leave their money in the hands of a faceless droid –  keep in contact with your clients and they will be happy to keep doing business. With you!