Paulo Dybala’s 4 unique tattoos & their meaning 


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Are you wondering the meaning of Paulo Dybala’s tattoo? The successful Argentinian soccer player is famous for his amazing body art, each tattoo seems to have a unique story. From the football with the crown on the left ankle to the Arabic script on the left rib. Each tattoo adds to Dybala’s personality and uniqueness. But what would be the symbolism for them? Let’s explore the universe of Paulo Dybala’s tattoos and discover  hidden motives of them.

Armband on the left forearm 

Image credit – Pinterest 

Argentine footballer Paulo Dybala, who performs as a striker in Juventus & Argentina national team. He is  known for his impressive football skills, but also for his unique style, including tattoos.

The most recognizable tattoo is the bold black arm on the left wrist. It looks like a pattern of triangles & dots arranged in a seamless design. That Dybala’s tattoo meaning is nothing, but he has expressed his personal affinity towards the design. And how it looks on his hand.

According to him, tattoos allow one to express themselves creatively and express their personality. While some football players choose to get tattoos with a special message or motive. Their designs mainly reflect their personal style and desire to stand out from the crowd. 

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Football with a crown tattoo on his leg

Image credit – Getty images 

Another famous Dybala’s tattoo is a football ball with a crown upon it. It is present on his left leg. 

As a professional athlete, football plays an important role in his professional journey. This design is a visual representation of his commitment towards the sport. A crown in football is a symbol of victory. A success that represents responsibility as a player and your aspirations towards the future.

Throughout the career, he expressed his love for football & desired to succeed in the game. He often talks about how passionate he is about football since childhood & how privileged he’s planning to pursue it at the professional level. The crown ball tattoo is a visible expression of love for the game & a constant reminder of his devotion.

An Arabic script on his ribs

Image credit – Pinterest 

The design is Arabic writing on his left rib.

In english it reads “Amelia”, the name of Dybala’s mother. Dybala’s mother played an important role in his success & the ink is a tribute to her. He holds a special relation with Arabic as it’s his mother tongue. He prefers to honor it by keeping her name permanently inscribed on his body.

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Tattoos are often a kind of expressing one’s personality & Arabic letter tattoos are an example of this. It is a personal expression of the cultural identity & the relationship with his mom & it adds a unique visual touch.

An Arabic Script on his right calf

Image credit – Twitter 

The design is an Arabian text on the right calf.

The tattoo, written in Arabic, reads Dybala’s dad’s name, ‘Adolfo’. He has great respect for his dad & openly acknowledges his dad’s influence on his life and career. The tattoo is a tribute to his dad & constant support throughout his life.

Additionally, tattoos are a kind of expression of their multi-ethnic & cultural heritage. His dad is Polish-Italian & his mom is Lebanese. 


In conclusion, Paulo Dybala’s tattoo is more than just a decoration. But instead serves as an expression of the lifestyle, emotional connection & cultural life. Each Dybala’s tattoo Meaning is special. Whether it is a tribute to the parents who contributed to his fashion or dedicated to his passion. Tattoos are an artistic representation of the individual, symbolizing one’s personality on and off the field. And emphasizing the importance of personal expression and individuality.