Pioneer Markets Review – How Good Is This Platform for Traders?


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That’s the question every trader is asking before they sign up and finally convince themselves to spend their hard-earned money. If you have this question, I am sure you will get the answer to it through this Pioneer Markets review. I will touch upon all the important points that I think are crucial for any trader who wants to trade online. 

In my opinion, this broker has been able to create a system in which traders get everything they want. It does not make them lose focus and offers them focused trading throughout their trading journey. Now, the main question is how does Pioneer Markets do this? Let’s find out in this review. 

Markets You Can Explore 

You can explore many markets when you join this platform. It helps you diversify your trading portfolio and gives you access to hundreds of assets to choose from. What I like more is that there is ceiling on how many trades you can open at a time. You can trade as many assets as you want whenever you want. Furthermore, you can keep your orders pending without any cap on the volume in the pending orders. With that in mind, I am sure you will also like the fact that you can diversify your portfolio like never before when you go with Pioneer Markets because it lets you trade forex currency pairs, crypto coin, stocks or shares, indices, precious metals, energies, and more. 

All of these assets are available to you for trading on one platform that you don’t even have to download. Yes, you can use this platform in the web using any device you like. Your desktop, tablets, mobiles and laptops can open this platform with ease. It’s plain user-interface will make trading further easier. 

Trader Support

When I talk to new traders about customer support or trader support, they think of only one thing and that’s the customer service they get on the phone. However, I can tell you that this broker has given customer support a whole new meaning. First of all, you can talk to the agents on the phone to get help or email them. Furthermore, you have many other ways you get help from the company and I call it support. For example, as soon as you sign up with any trading account, Pioneer Markets will give you access to an account manager. There is no better support than having a dedicated account manager to help you with your account related issues. 

Furthermore, you will also get trading signals with your account even if you go with a basic one. Trading signals are usually reserved for premium users on various online trading platforms. However, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Pioneer Markets chose to offer its traders with this feature regardless of their trading experience and the trading account they picked. 

Accounts to Pick From

Last but not least, I have to draw your attention to how caring this broker is to its traders regardless of where they are from. You know already that traders are signing up with online platforms from all around the world. In some countries, they can afford to start with thousands of dollars. However, in some countries, they don’t have such a big budget. Pioneer Markets has made things easy for these traders by allowing them to start with a small amount. So, if you go with the basic trading account, a small deposit of 500 EUR will be enough for you to enter all the financial markets and enjoy leveraged trading. 

Final Thoughts

I have talked about all the important features on this platform in such a way that you will automatically understand how good this broker is for you. Of course, I want you to compare it with others that you have shortlisted. I am sure it has many things to offer its traders that you won’t find on other platforms and those things might become your reason for signing up with it.