Rooftop Cargo Carriers: The Best Way To Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Storage


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When it comes to upgrading your vehicle and getting more out of life, you have many solid options. Some upgrades involve relatively simple additions to your car or truck, while others require more time and money. Whatever you decide, make sure you score affordable prices and quality components. Anything less will leave you frustrated and without the results you deserve.

Proven Storage Solutions

Just about everyone needs additional storage space from time to time. You basically cannot go wrong when buying a JEGS rooftop cargo carrier hard shell. The purchase will come with free shipping and the product’s durability ensures that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. With prices starting at around $250, you can feel confident that you are getting your money’s worth. The standard rooftop carriers from this manufacturer come with multiple desirable features:

  • Hard plastic design that resists fading and cracking
  • Security system that keeps your gear safe
  • Waterproofing that protects your cargo from the elements
  • Aerodynamic design that does not degrade fuel economy

All units are easy to install and you can decide on a rear or dual-side opening style. You can achieve your goal of traveling without hassle with a quality cargo carrier and rooftop units offer a great level of convenience.  Each unit comes with the necessary hardware for installation and you won’t need to do any industrial work such as drilling to fit your unit to your vehicle. It is an elegant solution to most people’s storage needs.

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Upgraded Engine Performance

For something a bit more complex, a Sniper 2 EFI self-tuning kit has the power to deliver enhanced performance to your vehicle. No matter which system you purchase, you get the following features:

  • 4-barrel 4150 flange-style base
  • Four injectors
  • Four-wire connection

If necessary, you can add a separate wiring harness, an electronic multi-purpose gauge, a power distribution block or many other components. The new Holley Sniper conversion kits come with 14 improvements over previous models, which will result in better efficiency and additional power.

The Holley 550-511-3XX Sniper 2 EFO Conversion kit for Chevy Small and big block engines comes with additional parts for installation. The unit can only go on uncontrolled emissions vehicles or on vehicles used solely for closed competitive racing. For the right situation, quality conversion kits can add a new dimension to your older-style vehicle and allow you to create something truly unique.

Supercharge Your Vehicle

If you are striving for a special effect for your vehicle, the 350 short block engine might be your route to doing something remarkable. This upgrade falls into the category of high-performance assembled short-block crate engines which will jumpstart an engine build. This route allows you to reduce downtime and work on the project at your own pace.

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Without the need to balance the rotating assembly or prepare the block, you are already ahead of the game. This option also gives you more options for fuller customization of your machine.

From the simple to the complex, upgrades come in all sizes. Shop for your automotive needs today with a quality auto shop.