Royal Bank of Trading Review – A Multi-Purpose Online Trading Service Provider


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Over the years, the online trading industry has continued expanding. The sector has witnessed the inception of many online trading platforms but many of them appear to be revenue-oriented, only serving a single purpose. At the moment, it is very difficult to find a platform that aims to achieve more than just offering online trading services. If you are looking for a platform that is multi-purpose, then I feel my Royal Bank of Trading review will be able to enlighten you.

Distinguishing Features of Royal Bank of Trading

The Royal Bank of Trading has been around for a while offering a variety of trading plus learning opportunities. This is where the platform distinguishes itself from the majority of the online trading service providers. It is compliant, customer-oriented, offers great security, and is run by some of the most experienced and expert traders and analysts in the online trading industry. 

If you continue reading, you’ll be able to know exactly how Royal Bank of Trading is a fine choice to trade with.

Security and Regulatory Aspects of Royal Bank of Trading

Royal Bank of Trading is very firm and straightforward from the security and regulatory point of view. There are no flexibilities or weaknesses left behind that may cause a major collapse of the platform under any circumstances.

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The platform has a very high security system in place to protect your personal and financial data. It has the SSL Security Certificate in place that enables the platform to hide every data transaction with encryptions. All your transactions being processed through Royal Bank of Trading are safe and secure, and out of the reach of exploiters/hackers.

The regulatory framework at Royal Bank of Trading is also well-defined. There is no compromise when it comes to adhering to the KYC and AML regulations. It means that your personal identifiable information is required at the time of writing and whenever it is required as per the regulatory guidelines. Similarly, the firm is obligated to monitor every transaction that you process and report it to the authorities if a certain benchmark is breached. 

Trading Accounts and Deposit/Withdrawal Options

At Royal Bank of Trading, you have access to multiple trading account options. At the moment, you have access to seven trading accounts that include basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and black. 

The basic account is for those who are new to the online trading industry and need a lot of learning before they can started trading in real-time. The minimum deposit requirement for the basic trading account is $250. 

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Whether you are new to trades or old, the decision of choosing the trading account suitable for your trading needs falls upon you. You can decide which trading account you need to have based on your trading skills and market awareness.

If you plan on going with the basic account, then you have to make a minimum deposit. You can do this via Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, and Bank Wire. 

When you feel it is time to withdraw your funds, you can do it choosing the same options used for making a deposit. Keep in mind that the withdrawal process may take up 5 working days. 

Trading Instruments and Trading Platform 

Royal Bank of Trading offers you with abundance of trading assets that may range up to 5,000 assets in terms of figures. However, the major instruments ruling over these assets are cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, commodities, and forex. You can choose either of the asset of your choice and start trading.

Your trading experience would grow significantly due to the well-designed trading platform that is available through web browsers. It has a very comprehensive trading interface equipped with specialized trading features and tools.

Some of them include single-click trading features, analytical tools, historical reports, price charts/graphs, automated trading, trading signals, price alerts, and so much more. 

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Education and Support

Royal Bank of Trading allows you to gather as much knowledge from its educational content as possible. You have access to educational academy, sessions with senior analysts, video courses, access to event room, and so much more to increase your market knowledge.

As for support, you have Royal Bank of Trading’s 24/5 customer service ever-ready to deal with all your general queries. You can write to them via email and they will promptly reply to your questions. Never hesitate to ask them any question because they know answering you in the most professional manner is their responsibility.

Ending Thoughts

If you think that you do not have enough confidence to enter into the online trading industry, then you will never be able to enter it. This is because if you are new, you will always have this kind of feeling. It will go away once you set foot into the industry so do not waste this precious time and take a step further into the online trading industry.