Top 10 Software Development Technologies for iGaming Software Development in 2020

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iGaming Software development technology is currently on an upward trajectory. The iGaming industry is experiencing new technological advancement and software updates which are resulting in the increasing popularity. The demand for online gaming, surge in the number of smartphone users, and the stiff competition in the industry is what has catapulted software development.

iGaming Software Development Companies are working around the clock to keep up with the dynamic online gaming industry. Innovations that lead to software improvements, advanced user gaming experience, and more app efficiency is what’s in store for gamers. 

Below are the Ten iGaming Software Development Technologies for 2020

1. Blockchain

If we are talking about the new trends in technology, then it’s not possible to not mention this new technology. Blockchain is, without a doubt taking the iGaming software industry by storm. It became the talk of the town, and this technology uses virtual currency like bitcoins and Ethereum for transacting. The finance sector, banking, media, and publishing sector is also intensively using Blockchain.

The technology is currently being adopted by the iGaming software industry thanks to its secure and highly advanced feature. Transaction records are in a decentralized system that increases accountability and transparency. One of its most significant strengths is that you can store any type of record in a public-facing database that is extremely secured from hackers. Nobody can quickly attack and corrupt this data. Therefore a large number of iGaming software providers are planning to try this technology of Blockchain.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is currently a technological advancement that is also making its way in major online gaming companies. It provides new opportunities for the gaming industry and solves the current issues as well. According to reliable sources, cloud computing is being embraced by significant iGaming software provider companies with an increased rate of 61% globally. Cloud computing is a service platform for the development and testing of apps, and it has also proven to be an affordable, reliable, and secure technological feature. Here are some benefits of using Cloud Computing in the gaming industry-

  • Security: Cloud Computing companies provide prevention from external interruptions such as hacking by using industrial level securities. In Cloud computing, all of our information is stored inside a virtual space which makes this platform safer than other traditional applications. 
  • Easy Access: Cloud Computing is an advanced technology concept that makes it easy to implement and allows users to access the games from any operating system and from anywhere around the world without even downloading it. 
  • Compatibility: With the use of a highly scaled cloud platform, any user can play high-end games even on low-end consoles. Cloud Computing diminishes the limitations like memory requirements, graphic capacity, etc. 

Thus, Cloud Computing becomes an excellent option for iGaming Software Developers as they try to deliver more exciting and long-lasting game content. It revolutionizes the gaming industry by helping the iGaming Software Development Company to generate more sales. At the same time, it also engages with the users through the exceptional gaming experience. 

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3. Internet of Things

I.O.T. is a technology that is on the rise in the iGaming software platforms. The internet of things incorporates all devices that connect to the internet and links it using a single user account. In our case, the online user account will be linked with the game regardless of the online platform hence making it convenient in the long run. The I.O.T. covers a broad range of devices that are connected to the internet whether these devices are in customer or industrial domains. It can provide iGaming Software Developers with the necessary resources to reach and connect directly with the gamers without the needs of different platforms like iOS, Android, etc. Apart from providing connectivity, the Internet of Things also creates a deeper connection with media. Thus, if it is used smartly and smoothly, I.O.T. can make the gaming industry a place for all kinds of gamers to connect just with the push of a button. 

Internet of Things also allows the iGaming Software Providers to engage with their users more and provides new ways to communicate with them through surveys and customer feedback. 

Also, the I.O.T. has one of the most exceptional security encryptions in all their linking platforms, and gaming companies are steadily accepting this technology.

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4. Cybersecurity

With the online gaming industry becoming more and more popular day by day and getting the exponential growth, it’s also essential to focus on cybersecurity measures too. The threats in the gaming industry may seem overwhelming, but with the help of basic cybersecurity tools like Firewalls, password managers, and two-factor authentication, anyone can ward off most of these threats. There’s a general notion that extra security will impede the gaming experience of users, and this is why many iGaming Software Developers have been hesitant. Still, one thing which we all need to learn is that security should be everyone’s concern. 

However, Cybersecurity technological enhancement is an emerging trend that cuts across the gaming industry. Reliable sources estimate that the average cost of a data breach for cybersecurity in 2020 is around $150 million. Gaming developers are working tirelessly to curb fraudulent activities, hence leading to more secure and reliable gaming apps this year.

5. Immersive Technology

Mixed reality is an iGaming that has a mixture of games in augmented reality and virtual reality, and it is one of the most exciting new and significant technology trends. When it comes to talking about V.R., we’re still in the days, but there are so many promising developments on the horizon. Mobile integration facilitated the growth of A.R. onto mobile gaming platforms hence creating mixed reality gaming. A.R. is bridging the gap between the users and iGaming Software Developers. This technology is going beyond face filters, and many iGaming Software Development Companies are adapting it to provide the user with the ultimate gaming experience. A.R. technology is exceeding all the expectations and has already beaten all the estimates of the market so far. It’s a groundbreaking technology that really brings something innovative in the gaming industry every time. 

Another advantage of immersive gaming and why it has gained attraction is because of the realistic graphics that can run using hardware, not having an updated specification.


6. Progressive Web Apps

In the past few years, iGaming Software Developers have realized the cons of websites and mobile applications. But P.W.A. has found the perfect middle ground. Statistics show that progressive web apps decrease iGaming software development and maintenance time used by 33%. The P.W.A. is currently trending thanks to the cutting edge technology involved. The websites and mobile apps for progressive web apps are proving to be far more superior and efficient when compared to the native apps for Android and iOS apps. P.W.A. is different from regular applications, and every integral part of P.W.A. is a browser script that runs in the background, separate from the web page, and called as the Service Worker. 

In 2020 we are expecting iGaming Software Development Companies to embrace the P.W.A. technology fully. The P.W.A. is easy to develop and runs well independently in all mobile devices, web browsers, desktops, laptops, and even tablets. Because of their easy developing nature, it is attracting many iGaming Software Development Companies. Moreover, these apps can load at very fast speed even with low internet speed. Thus, it shows improvement in sessions per user and overall engagement. 

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is currently trending when it comes to the iGaming software industry. Major gaming industries have adapted the AI technology because it enhances the gaming experience, leads to observing gamers playing patterns whereby certain players can have customized games, etc. This technology is evolving at a swift pace and almost exploding for the last five years. One of the newest trends under this technology is Chatbot. AI Chatbots are replacing human assistance and customer support. Upcoming years will bring more chatbots, accurate customer behavior analysis, and less human resource engagement. We’re still in the early stages of Artificial Intelligence but soon it will make every task automatic with speed and reliability. 

Artificial Intelligence is also responsible for making the iGaming software more comfortable to develop and maintain thanks to the latest AI technology that allows machines to program-specific tasks that previously were restricted to humans hence reducing workload and increasing accuracy and productivity. Apart from the gaming industry, Artificial Intelligence has already reached other sectors like healthcare, education, finance, etc.

8. Low Code Development

Most of the iGaming software trends in 2020 are adopting low code development games where developers create simple codes despite the games being entertaining. These codes are the most crucial part of any iGaming software as it can make or break the whole situation. Hence, it makes sense to hire Professional iGame Developers who can focus on developing low codes as these codes decide the variation in each game and are responsible for determining the output. Few advantages by adapting low codes are:

  • It allows more apps to be built in a lesser amount of time.
  • Any iGaming Software Development Company can quickly adapt to market changes or customer needs.
  • It’s much easier to handle bugs in the platforms which are built having lesser codes. 
  • It also handles data structures, storage, and retrieval.
  • This type of development usually requires less expertise to grasp, and it can help clients easily customize their software as per their choice.
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9. Multiple Player and Interactive Games

A paradigm shift has happened in the iGaming software industry in 2020 as developers are adding features to games that encourage interaction. Unlike before, where players used to play against computers, nowadays, iGaming software allows gamers to play against one another and also pool together to minimize risks, thereby making the game even more exciting. Providing features like Multiplayer connectivity enables users of iGaming software to build an individual network. It also automatically promotes interaction among users. Apart from connecting with other players around the world, this feature also brings the factor of excitement. It’s an advantage that simply cannot be denied. Even playing with the real players brings more competition, and sometimes a user can collaborate with another user to achieve specific goals. 

Keeping this trend in mind, iGaming Software Developers have to keep the particular functionality of the games under consideration at every step of the way. The best thing about multiplayer connectivity is that integrating with V.R and A.R, it can give any iGaming software advantage over traditional games. 

10. Code Quality

The quality of code is essential as it impacts the overall software’s quality, and it also determines how safe, secure, and reliable your codebase is. High quality is vital for any iGaming Software Developers today. Whether it be iGaming Software for Sports Betting or Poker betting, it’s essential for software developers to measure the code quality and work on crucial traits like Reliability, Testability, Portability, etc. of your code. 

It’s necessary for iGaming Software Developers to understand and improve their code quality. Some common ways to improve the quality of code are:

  • Using of Coding Standard
  • Analyzing code
  • Follow Code Review Best Practices
  • Refactor Legacy Code

Hence, as the internet gaming technological development advances in 2020, so does the code quality for most games. With stiff competition in the industry, developers are continually improving their code quality hence leading to the top-notch gaming experience and optimum outcome.


The technology world is developing rapidly, and I.O.T. Blockchain-based systems and other trends are being adopted to solve different challenges. In the coming years, we’ll be able to see the fast adoption of these trends and various new innovative trends too.

The iGaming software industry, without a shadow of a doubt, is also experiencing a tremendous surge in software development. These are definitely not the only new trends in software development as there are a lot more trends and hot technologies that are becoming an integral part of future growth. The change, in turn, leads to better games developed, customer growth and retention that lead to the iGaming software industry’s growth, and experts of Mobzway Technologies can help you in this purpose.

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