Top 4 cyber security marketing strategies to grow your business in 2023

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Cyber security is becoming a very important topic for discussion across businesses worldwide. With growing cases of cyber security breaches, the cyber security companies are really having a lot to offer. Yet they are finding out the right ways to market their offerings and services. The marketing strategy of the cyber security companies are a little different thus – the outcomes & target market segment is differentiated too. 

Cyber security marketing strategy is highly dependent on the end user. If the end user is a business organization, then the marketing strategy will be much more focused towards a retention pricing model. If the end user is an individual, then B2C cyber security marketing strategy shall take preference. This differentiated marketing strategy is what makes marketing agencies customize the offers for their cyber security clients. 

Growing demand for cyber security in Post-COVID era

The question that really arises in the mind of the readers is why is cyber security so important?

As of 2022, more than 22 billion data records have been leaked, owing victim to cyber security frauds. Big organizations like Revolut have been in hot soup as they ended up compromising data for 50,000 customers in 2022. Nelnet Servicer has been under attack resulting to loss of Social Security numbers of 2.5 million users.

If these numbers aren’t enough, here are a few more examples of how cyber security breaches have resulted in financial turmoil for companies.

Globally, companies lose more than $4 million on an average to data breaches. But in the US, this value doubled to more than $9 million. Of this stolen credentials account for nearly 20% of the cybercrime attacks, as per a report by IBM. 

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This goes ahead to show how important cyber security is for every organization. Thus, having the right cyber security marketing strategy will help bring focus of the affected organizations to the appropriate cyber security firms. 

Cyber Security Marketing Strategy to Adapt in 2023

The following cyber security marketing strategy can be adopted to bring forward the best for the firms:

  1. Move away from the technical terms: Technical terms can often be very confusing for the layman. Using jargons is not the cyber security marketing strategy to attract high ticket clients. Instead, keep things simple with a narration that helps in understanding the key message.
  2. Invest in customer testimonials: Customer feedback and testimonials really go a long way. Ask for the customer feedback from the Cyber Security Agency so that you can market it to reach the right audience. Experiment using video testimonials as they offer a proof of work too. 
  3. Redevelop the content marketing strategy: If you have been using the content marketing strategy that gave results in pre-covid era, you might have to rethink. Data shows a higher preference towards hand held devices for surfing. So, the content marketing strategy should be remodeled towards an adaptive & responsive audience. 
  4. Investment in paid advertisements: Don’t shy away from using paid advertisements. Generate quicker results with the right audience, and improve lead conversion using the best cyber security marketing strategy in 2023.
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