Using Advanced Forms of Technology to Prevent Cargo Loss

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Cargo loss has become a huge cause of concern for many small and large business owners. Cargo worth millions of dollars is frequently stolen from open trucks. Losses can cause quick economic damage to a business. In today’s market, it is very important for business owners to ensure care to deliver cargo on time and without any damage.

If the rear cargo door is left open, many problems can happen. It can lead to delayed delivery time, product loss, product damage, etc. You may also get poor customer feedback because the product delivery needs to be done properly. Sometimes, the products may even fall off into roadways. All these things can lead to a lot of trouble for business owners. So what’s the solution and how can you prevent all these problems from happening? 

With new and modern technology, there are different tools available that you can use to make sure that the rear cargo door is properly secured while you are transporting goods from one location to another. Using the right tools to reduce your liability you will be able to guarantee that your cargo is delivered undamaged and on time. The customers will also be extremely satisfied when they see that all the goods are transported with care; giving them better peace of mind.

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If you are looking for a highly advanced cargo door alarm system that will produce an alarm as soon when the cargo door is opened, then the best option is to contact The Two-Commas Company about their Truck Door Minder system. It uses Bluetooth technology to notify the door’s status to the driver. The driver will be notified by visual indicator lights and audio beeper notifications. The Truck Door Minder device comes with its own proprietary mobile application, available on both iOS and Android, included absolutely free. No subscription fee required.

The Door Open Sensor Light features a very long battery life and requires no Internet or cell phone signal to operate the device. This is extremely beneficial for businesses that make multiple deliveries to rural areas along their route. 

The installation process is a fast and easy. It takes less than five minutes to install the entire system in the vehicle. The entire process of installing and monitoring the rear cargo door was designed with cost saving and convenience in mind. You do not have to dedicate resources to get the job done. Everything will run more efficiently without you having to worry about your valuables.
To learn more about Door Left Open Alarm, visit The Two-Commas Company’s website ( ) or find them on Walmart and Amazon.

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