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What is UX Design?

User Experience, or UX for short, is a term that appears more and more often. UX, or rather UX design, is a fundamental issue in the process of creating websites, mobile applications, but not only. In free translation, UX design is designing user experiences – designing GOOD user experiences. By this term I mean experiences that translate positively into the goals set for the project. They can be, for example: increasing sales, acquiring new customers or building a positive brand image.

UX designing is a process that complements the visual design of a website and its programming. I dare say that a well-designed UX is the cornerstone of most online success.

The activities related to UX include, among others: analysis, building and measuring the effects, checking the applied solutions and introducing the necessary changes.

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The first step in creating a website is to define the goals you want to meet. For example, in the case of online stores, we want high sales, and if we intend to run a blog – we want to reach as many readers as possible. Determining these initial assumptions is the basis for building the website architecture. Bearing in mind the initial assumptions, the types and nature of subpages are selected, the arrangement of graphic elements and the actions that the user can take are designed.

We design experiences

In order for the entire purchasing process to run so smoothly and model, we had to make many design decisions. For example: should a user who is not logged in be able to buy a toy without registering in our store? We decided yes, because UX experience shows that many potential customers give up their purchase the moment they are required to register in a new store. So why not quit registration and allow everyone to buy? After all, we can return to the registration process and propose it after the successful payment. Finally, let’s justify our new customer that in return for creating an account in our store and subscribing to the newsletter, he will receive measurable benefits from us.

UX designing is building a behavior algorithm and writing a website service scenario for users. We want our client to have a long positive experience of working with us after the purchase. This is to translate into his later return. Each of us has had experiences in the past (mostly bad) with websites whose UX was badly designed. Pages whose operation was incomprehensible and complicated. These sites make us discouraged, frustrated, and sometimes even angry and make us not want to come back to them. These are emotions that we must avoid at all costs. After all, it is easier to come back to the places we like, and the website should be just such a place.

In addition to analytical activities and planning, the User Experience design process also includes building the general structure of subpages. Schematic planning of information architecture on subpages allows you to quickly develop a website skeleton, which will later be “dressed” in an eye-catching graphic. A graphic designer or, more precisely, a UI designer, will make the website look attractive.