What’s New in WoW Shadowlands and Is It Worth Playing?


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A weighty argument that can be mentioned right away is that this game continues to be relevant for the past seventeen years. This means that players who have been playing since the game’s inception continue to enjoy it, as well as newcomers appearing every day who have yet to get to know the world of the game. 

Throughout history, the game has been overgrown with many different additions and expansions that have kept the game fresh so that players do not lose interest. Someone liked the innovations, but someone did not, and therefore many stopped playing it. This is because the game has over two million active users. That is why it is impossible to please everyone at once. However, the developers take into account all the wishes and claims. In this regard, the most ambitious update called Shadowlands has appeared, which should satisfy the needs of users to the maximum extent possible. 

What’s new 

Modifications in the area of character development 

First of all, it is worth noting that there have been significant changes regarding the definition of levels. The number of levels for each character is halved. If you have played the game before, then you know that your character could reach level 120, which is the maximum. Now, if you are at that level, then starting to play this add-on, you will find that it will be reduced by 70 points. A new challenging part of the game will be at your disposal, during which you can upgrade your character for another ten levels to reach the maximum. 

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For those who are just about to start playing this game, there is great news – reaching the fiftieth level will be much easier than it was before. This is because the developers have set a goal to simplify the task for all beginners so that they have additional motivation. As practice shows, if the game is incredibly difficult at the very beginning, then most people will simply stop playing it and will not reach the most interesting part that the developers have prepared for everyone. 

Previously, it was generally difficult for beginners to get into the game, because they had to upgrade the character in diverse locations, so the storyline was violated. Therefore, experts have worked on the bugs and now any player, from beginner to experienced, will get the most out of the process. 

New start 

Now, starting the game, you will be faced with a choice of where to start. You have to choose one of two options, each of which has its meaning. 

The first option suggests starting where you started earlier, that is, in standard locations specific to each race. It will be an appropriate choice for those who are already familiar with this game and have some experience, as well as understand the essence of the game. 

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The second option will be the preferred choice for new arrivals. This is because you will have to familiarize yourself with two parts of the beginning, each of which should introduce you to what will happen next. 

You will understand the following: 

  • All about fighting and battles;
  • Important skills for your class, and how they affect the behavior of your character; 
  • Get acquainted with the variety of different missions and tasks, as well as get comprehensive information about which quests to choose and how to complete them; 
  • How and why to look for special chests in which you can find a lot of usefulness; 
  • What items you need to find and what you can do with them.

Thus, this launchpad will serve as a special tutorial for beginners to help them better understand the game. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be directed to one of your first dungeons where you can showcase your knowledge and get hands-on knowledge. 

Class modifications 

In this game, it is possible to choose any class for the character from all possible. They are all different, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. All categories received new modifications. 

First, there will be some changes regarding the addition of new talents, the emergence of new spells, skills, abilities, resources, and more. Some features were removed due to lack of demand or player complaints. 

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Secondly, numerous players were waiting for the possibility of gaining full control over their characters. They wanted the choice of character, the definition of its characteristics and needs, to be regulated by them, and not by the game. Finally, it will be available. 

Advanced content modifications 

You will be able to join more factions. You can choose one or another group, based on what tasks will be offered, and what skills your character can get. 

There will be a kind of new place where you can not only upgrade your character but also get a lot of rewards and valuable items. The so-called Torghast is a constantly changing place, each time you enter it, new opportunities will open before you. 

New raids will become available, which will differ. The most difficult and valuable is the Sepulcher of the First Ones, where you will need to apply all your experience and knowledge. If your knowledge is not enough deep, then Sepulcher of the First Ones boost will help correct your plight and help you pass any level of difficulty. 


We can conclude that this add-on is an improved version of the game, in which all the wishes of regular players were taken into account. Moreover, beginners will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the necessary information in more detail, which will improve their understanding of the game, as well as give them the motivation to play further.