Yalla Chance Review – Is That What Online Shopping Should Be Like?


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Have you felt that shopping online has become boring over the course of time because there are so many websites that don’t put in the effort to give their customers something different? They are sticking to the old tactics of offering you some discounts on specific products. At most, they offer you a chance to win something big but only when you spend a fortune buying stuff with them. I am writing this Yalla Chance review because I think this website has really redefined the online shopping experience with its platform. 

It’s an online ecommerce website where you can find various products for purchase. However, every product you purchase wins you some coupons that are entered into a lucky draw to give you a chance to win something big. Let’s review this website in some more details. 

An Easy Journey to Winning

There is no rocket science involved here and I am telling you that based on my personal experience. I have looked at the website and all the available campaigns inside out to tell you that they are all pretty straightforward. There are no string attached and you get what you see. So, what you will do is you will open an account with the company by providing your personal details. Once you have done that, you can pick from various campaigns on the website. Each campaign requires you to purchase an item and each purchase will win you a coupon with a unique code on it. 

The best thing about Yalla Chance is that it has provided you with plenty of options to choose from. In other words, you could buy a wristband or you could go with a pen. I am assuming the website will host many other products with the passage of time. 

No Long Waits to Win

One of the things that have really kept me from signing up with online ecommerce websites’ programs is that they have some really long lucky draw times. You purchase the product today and the lucky draw might take place after 3 months. Another thing that I don’t like about such programs is that they are limited in the type of prize you can win. I like riding a car but I like winning more prizes in less time than wait 3 months and win nothing. It is pretty clearly stated on the Yalla Chance website when the lucky draw or a particular campaign will take place. 

However, you will be glad to know that if all the coupons are sold the lucky draw takes place instantly. So, if you see that a lucky draw is supposed to take place after a month, you don’t think it will be written in stone. The coupons might sell within a week and the lucky draw will be held as soon as that happens. What it also means is that you could refer your friends and peers to join the website and take their shot as well. 

Great Customer Support

When I looked at the website and the amazing campaigns, I was a bit skeptical about the customer support. I have seen this trend these days that the great websites and companies have really bad customer support. Usually, they will leave you to read the FAQs on their websites to know the answers to your questions. I am more than happy to tell you that Yalla Chance gives you great customer support. You can contact the company through email or call them when you want. They also have a physical address on the website, clearly telling you that you are signing up with a legitimate company. 

Final Thoughts

If you ask me whether or not online shopping should look like this, I will give you an instant yes from my side. I don’t want to spend thousands to purchase just the stuff I need. I want something more from my shopping experience and I am assuming you too. I think Yalla Chance can give you that experience.