10 Best Survival Gadgets for Adventurous Travellers

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This article is for all the adventure seekers out there, no matter if your next trip is in the wild or the city, you ought to be prepared for what’s coming your way.

Unlike old time, technology has developed a lot and now surviving in the wild has become a tad easier if you have the best Survival gadgets with you.

Be it gears for safety or survival, making your trip successful is the overall purpose.

Let us now discuss about 10 best survival gadgets that you should carry in your next adventurous trip.

1. Solar Charger 

Now a days we are surrounded with technology which constantly need juice or power.

While you plan to travel to a remote terrain then expecting power supply would be a joke.

Rather, carrying a solar charger can help you keep your electronic devices juiced up.

Find a portable solar charger that is lightweight in order to fit perfectly in your backpack without taking up much space.

Charging these panels are easy too, all you need to do is to unfold the panel and clip it on your backpack while you are walking.

So, this will allow you to charge your solar panel without even getting stressed out.

2. LifeStraw 

Planning for a long journey or trekking? 

Worried about drinking water and how to carry so much luggage. 

Skip the hassle with the help of LifeStraw, as the name suggest this device looks quite similar to a straw.

LifeStraw literally filters dirty water into drinkable water by separating 99.9% bacteria.

Other than that, this piece of gadget is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

Plus, the filtration system is tried and tested so that you can instantly get fresh clean drinking water.

With one straw that is inside the bottle you can filter about 1,000 gallons of water.

So, this means the bottle is quite sustainable and will go on for a long time.

3. Walkie Talkie 

Also known as two-way radios, walkie talkie can be your ultimate communication tool if you are going for an adventurous trip with friends or family.

Most of the times, remote area or forest terrain have low or no network.

In such cases a walkie talkie can really come handy to communicate with one another.

  Plus, now a days, there are options of waterproof two way radios (if you are planning to go to a wet weather condition).   

Best walkie talkie is capable of saving your life when you least expected.

Other than all this, if you have children accompanying you on an adventurous trip then giving them this device will give you a sense of satisfaction too.

4. Satellite Phone 

A satellite phone can be your most valuable gadget that you carry on an adventurous trip.

Not only a satellite phone will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones but can be really helpful in distressed situations.

This piece of device has a number of amazing features like SOS signal, GPS option, you can even text message with the help of a satellite phone.

Also, the battery backup of such phones is good and is specially made to last long.

There are a number of satellite phones available in the market with exciting features like waterproof, dustproof etc.

5. Solar-Powered Flashlight

Going to a dense forest terrain for a good old trek?

Never forget your flash lights and if you are planning to go for a few days then consider carrying a solar powered flashlight.

Generally, flashlights are powered by normal batteries which tend to run out with time.

Not in the case of solar powered flashlight as they get the juice from the sun.

Not having to be depended on batteries or any other item is good when you have natural and more reliable options like the sun.

6. goTenna Signal Booster

Well if you do not wish to invest in a satellite phone then this can be an option for you.

When lost somewhere and urgently need to communication, a signal booster can help you do that.

It pairs with your smartphone and gives you phone network or even internet to talk to your loved ones.

Also, you will get the free offline maps with this small piece of device which is very easy to handle and carry.

7. Fire Starter Survival Kit

Both match stick and lighters wear out with time, in that case carrying a fire survival kit is a good option.

Carrying some sort of spark creating fire starter kit is essential to start a fire in the wild.

The fire starter kits come with flint, magnesium, or rare earth components so make sure that you have tried and tested it before you take it out to the wild.

This is important as when you are stuck in an emergency situation then figuring out how it works can be a lot of trouble.

So, testing it before hand is the best possible thing one must do.

8. Survival Bracelet

Convenient, lightweight and satisfying, this Paracord Survival Bracelet comes as a total open-air endurance unit you can wear it around your wrist. 

The most creative arm band you’ve ever observed has a compass, crisis rope, magnifier, fire starter alongside crisis blade and whistle making it an astonishing knick-knack and accomplishment of minimized wearable virtuoso.

Overall, this survival bracelet has almost everything that you might need when venturing out in the wild.

9. Digital recording binoculars

Technology is growing with every single day and so as these amazing Survival gadgets.

You must have already heard about binoculars which let’s you see things that are far away.

Here we are talking about digital recording binoculars which will not only allow you to watch far off things but also record it.

You will have the chance to record and take pictures of everything that you see from your eyes.

10. Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

Gone are those days when you had to carry heavy tents and everything on you.
Now you can get the ultimate lightweight and portable sleeping bags that will never let you out in the cold anymore.

Rest is very essential when you are on any adventurous trip and with a proper sleeping bag you will surely get it.

Now a days sleeping bag turns into a compact kit that is very easy to carry around with your backpack.

Plus, you will always get the option of it being waterproof and tearproof.

Final Words:

Here we conclude our list of top 10 best survival gadgets for your next adventurous trip.

Go through the above options and choose the best Survival gadgets you think.

Travelling is no joke and falling into a risky or life-threatening situation is always possible.

To avoid all that and to be aware about situations carrying some reliable Survival gadgets is a must.