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Reading Time: 5 minutes Today many people leave their PC devices or desktop computers and start switching to laptops that are considered more practical and compact .

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

Today many people leave their PC devices or desktop computers and start switching to laptops that are considered more practical and compact .

Even so, laptops are also not free from various problems. One of them is a slow laptop after all this time of use.

Do you want to keep speeding up your laptop performance? Well, in this article Jaka has a review of the causes of slow laptops and how to overcome slow laptops that you can practice easily, gang.

This is the reason why laptops are slow when browsing and others

There are several factors that cause why laptops are slow , even when they are not doing activities.

Before discussing how to overcome it, it helps you first know the root of the problem that Jaka has reviewed in the following points.

  1. Too many startup programs aka software that run in the background automatically when you turn on the laptop. The more software , the slower the laptop when booting .
  2. Hard disk age is too old. The older type of HDD will certainly also affect the overall laptop performance.
  3. Hard disk is full of user data. Even an expert said that a full hard disk up to 95% will slow down a laptop up to 50%.
  4. RAM capacity is too small, due to the affordable laptops, the biggest RAM used is around 2-4GB.
  5. Running too much software at one time is a burden on RAM performance . Especially if heavy multitasking software like Photoshop and Premiere for example on 4GB RAM.
  6. A browser that has many add-ons installed , such as Internet Download Manager , AdBlocker, and others. Unconsciously, the browser becomes overburdened and slows down the laptop while browsing .
  7. Too many tabs opened in the browser . Because this turns out to also be enough to drain the RAM of the laptop, especially if the site being opened has an auto-refresh feature .
  8. Laptops are attacked by viruses that can slow down or even damage a laptop. So you should be aware of various suspicious files, both online and offline .
  9. Antivirus is too active . Although this software is effective in removing viruses, but an antivirus that runs in the background will certainly slow down the performance of the hard disk as well as laptops.
  10. Rarely do operating system updates , both Windows and MacOS users. Because it is not uncommon to update the OS will fix the deficiencies that cause the laptop to be slow.
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Suppose you’re playing a game in your PC or Watching Movies On TamilMV and suddenly your laptop start getting slow? 🙁 you will definitely feel worse.  Don’t worry here i carry 10 ways with which your problem get resolved.

Collection of How to Overcome the Latest Slow Laptop 2019

How to overcome slow laptops that will review below will generally be very useful for Windows OS users, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Maybe even without an application or reinstall though, all you have to do is follow a few methods to fix slow laptops that will be reviewed thoroughly below!

1. Replacing the Hard Drive (HDD) with SSD

If it turns out the problem comes from the hard disk (HDD), the first step you can take is to do the defrag process to refresh the performance.

If this method is still not effective, you can also change to a newer HDD or use a Solid State Drive (SSD) that has faster performance.

The difference between HDD and SSD in addition to its performance will certainly make the boot process faster and responsive.

It is recommended to use SSD only to load the operating system, because its size is relatively small and the price is also quite expensive compared to HDD tablets.

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2. Upgrade RAM Capacity

In addition to upgrading the HDD, you can also add RAM capacity to your laptop.

Generally, laptop manufacturers will equip your laptop with RAM capacities ranging from 2-4GB. Even though running software now requires at least 8GB of RAM, gang.

Here you can add RAM to the available slots . But before that, make sure the type of RAM (DIMM or SODIMM), capacity, and speed!

3. Perform routine hardware maintenance

So many people sometimes forget this important thing, gang.

It turns out that for laptop performance to keep speeding, you need to do hardware maintenance occasionally . You should at least do this at least once a year.

Perform cleaning from the fan, motherboard , until the thermal paste replacement on the laptop processor.

How to Overcome Other Slow Laptops …

4. Use Laptop Supporting Accessories

Laptops that overheat also affect performance and performance. Here you can add accessories such as cooling pads or additional fans so that the temperature of the laptop is maintained.

In addition, you can also use a vacuum cooler that can also suck hot air out, which also functions to keep the laptop’s temperature cool.

5. Perform a Full Scan with Antivirus Software

Then the most common things that commonly cause slow laptops are viruses and malware .

Viruses will usually make the laptop’s performance more extra so it will feel slow when you use it. One solution to this problem is of course the best antivirus software .

Many laptop antivirus software recommendations can be used. Well, Jaka also recommends doing regular full scans at least once a week.

As reviewed in the previous causes of slow laptops, don’t forget to turn off the automatic scan feature so that the antivirus doesn’t run in your background !

6. Uninstall Software Not Required

When using a laptop, Jaka is sure you have already installed countless software , right? In fact many of these software that you rarely use.


In order for the laptop to work optimally, uninstall the unneeded software , gang.

Here you can use the default Windows menu found in Settings or use uninstaller software , such as CCleaner and others.

7. Use Old Version Software

Eits , do not ever prestige for using old software tablets! Because Jaka admit, the latest software update , although it provides many features, can be imposed on your device.

As a solution, you can install older versions of software , which generally have essential features that are not much different when compared to the updated version.

For example, you can get Adobe Photoshop CS2 software for free, gang. Where for the latest version of Photoshop CC you have to subscribe and pay every month!

8. Use Software to Speed ​​Up Performance ( Booster )

Use that is less than optimal can make laptop performance slow and disrupted. So to make things easier, you can install performance support software , aka boosters .

Lots of software you can try, like CCleaner , Advanced SystemCare , and others. The function of the application is fairly similar.

Where the booster software will optimize, for example, delete browser history , delete cookies and cache , delete the recycle bin , and others that affect the performance of the laptop.

9. Use a Lightweight Desktop Operating System

Have you really fallen in love with this desktop operating system   ?

Even though one that greatly affects the performance of the laptop is the operating system itself. Although fairly productive, but  Windows is  quite heavy.

Well, if you use a laptop with mediocre specifications it’s a good idea to switch to  Linux OS . One of them is  Endless OS  that you can use for free!

10.  Install  Lobster Windows OS

Last exit to solve the problems you are to do  to install  the Windows , gang.

Here also to be able to find out, whether the  error is  caused by  software  or  hardware .

To  reinstall Windows OS , Jaka has reviewed the previous article. The trick is easy and you only need to use the  flashdisk  !

Final Words

To say final about it. I hope you will love it. Follow these steps to resolve your issue and tell us in the comment section more about it.