10 Leading Companies in the Public Utilities Field

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These days, public utilities are growing rapidly due to its need and importance. It is a broad and complex industry by focusing on water and garbage collection. The treatment is an important part in economic state and operation depends on business needs. Of course, companies should operate on influential results in the business world. It needs to update among lists of 10 companies in the public utilities field forever. These types of companies should operate on EB, telephone service, natural gas, and water or post services.

They generally work towards national, state or local governments. In this article, you can check what companies are in the public utilities field served for people. It generally works based on public service companies and provide essential services. 

Top companies in the public utilities field:

1. American electric power: 

This company was established in 1906 and serves people on electric power owned by customers in 11 states. It is one largest electricity companies in providing MW in the United States. American Electric power is the largest regulated Companies in the Public Utilities Field. It is fully optimized to get into the largest electricity producer in the world. 

Revenue: $18.44 billion (2022)

Established: 1906

2. Edison International:

Energy is a global utility and energy consulting firm that provides comprehensive, data-driven energy solutions for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Edison International was established on July 4, 1886, and it has its headquarters in Rosemead, California. One of the nation’s largest electric power holding companies is Edison International. Through their own business, they provide energy services and clean, dependable power.

Revenue: $ 16.535 billion (2022)

Established: 1886

3. AES Corporation:

Arlington is home to the headquarters of AES Corporation. American utility and power provider Virginia. It uses more than 150 power plants, which it owns and runs, to generate electricity and sell it to end users as well as intermediaries like utilities and industrial plants.

The largest Companies in the Public Utilities Field, AES Corporation is committed to deploying clean energy efficiency and accelerating growth. It is a global energy company that is speeding up energy future. By providing eco-friendly and intelligent energy solutions that world requires, the company improves lives.

Revenue: $ 12.32 billion (2022)

Founders: Roger Sant, Dennis Bakke

Founded: January 28, 1981, USA

4. Pinnacle West Capital Corporation:

It is a holding company for electric utilities owned by investors. This company is well-known for its rapid expansion in customer base, sound financial standing, steadfast focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG), and innovative energy solutions that adapt to changing requirements of its clients. They are committed to providing customers with 100% clean and carbon-free electricity by 2050 and serve nearly 1.3 million customers with energy that is safe, affordable, and reliable.

Revenue: $ 4.114 billion (2022).

Established: 1985

5. Duke power:

One of natural gas and electric power holding companies in United States, it has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the field of public utilities, Duke Energy is one of largest energy companies in United States. This company’s regulated utility activities met electricity needs of more than 8 million customers in 2022, and natural gas met the needs of another 1.6 million.

Revenue: $ 28.023 billion (2022)

Founded: 1904

6. National Grid Plc:

British multinational National Grid plc is the Companies in the Public Utilities Field of gas supplier. Their goal is to eliminate fossil fuels from the gas and electric grid in the United States. By 2050, or sooner, this makes it possible for people and the communities they serve to meet their heating needs without using fossil fuels.

Revenue: £18.4 billion (2022)

Established: 1990

7. Southern Company:

Southern Company is a gas and electric holding company based in the southern United States with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Forbes magazine’s rankings for the year 2022, Southern Company ranked second among American employers.

Southern Company ranks No. 1 overall among the 500 largest employers. No. 1 in the energy field No. 1 among Georgia’s commercial enterprises and 1 Business in the Public Utilities Industry. 

Revenue: $ 27.28 billion (2022)

Established: 1945

8. AT&T:

AT&T Inc. is a holding company for multinational telecommunications in the United States. It has its headquarters in Downtown Dallas, Texas, at Whitacre Tower. It is the third-largest mobile operator in the United States and the oldest and largest telecommunications company in the world by revenue.

Revenue: $ 155.650 billion (2022)

Established: 1983

9. Verizon:

American wireless provider Verizon used to be known as Verizon Wireless, and it was a separate division of Verizon Communications. In the United States, Verizon is a huge telecom provider with a global presence. Over $133 billion in revenue was generated by Verizon in 2021.

Revenue: $135.651 billion (2022)

Established: 1983

10. American Water Works Co., Ltd:

American Water is a utility company based in the United States that operates affiliates that offer water and wastewater services throughout the country. In the United States, it is the largest publicly traded and possibly geographically diverse wastewater utility.

Revenue: $3.812 billion (2022)

Established: 1886

Companies in the Public Utilities Field are subject to stringent government regulations, necessitating regular acquisitions of assets and upgrades to infrastructure. Numerous utility companies are turning to renewable energy essay alternatives like wind turbines and solar panels as the industry moves toward cleaner energy.


You can get a clear understanding of the businesses that operate in the public utilities field from the above discussion. One of the biggest and fastest-growing industries is the public utility field. Nowadays, these businesses of all sizes offer crucial services to customers all over the world. You will have a clear understanding of the top ten public utilities companies from this article. Due to the fact that the public utility pays dividends on its stock, these businesses are appealing during times of low interest rates and recessions. They’ll like the low volatility and the attractive way to get consistent returns on their investments. However, public utilities are required to make costly investments in infrastructure that is subject to stringent regulation and frequently requires what companies are in the public utilities field. To meet infrastructure requirements, the public utility field provides loan packages that leverage debt.