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4 Bad SEO Practices That Can Affect Your Blog

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It is getting hard for new blog and website to rank higher in the SERP because of the high level of competition. Due to the increasing number of blog, most SEMs are resulting to bad SEO practice to achieve high ranking in the SERP for keywords.

Most believe that the success of the blog is not directly through the SEO and this has made a lot of bloggers to forget about SEO and look for cheap means to drive traffic to their blog.

If you are able to drive traffic to your blog, you are sure of an increase in your blog revenue; if your blog is new you can get traffic to your blog by sharing your blog post on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and so many more.

But if you are seriously considering getting organic traffic to your blog through search engine, you need to reconsider your SEO practice that you implement on your blog because this would determine the ranking of your post.

Google banned blog that resort to black hat SEO practice because they want to rank higher, this banned can cause blog to experience a sudden drop in the number of visitors they receive per month and the blog revenue would drop.

To avoid Google penalization, it is always better to understand bad SEO practice that would lead to banning of your blog.

4 Bad SEO Practice

Search Engine Optimization popularly refers to as SEO is series of step you undertake on your blog according to search engine standard because you want search engine to crawl and index your blog for keywords.

Before I explain the 4 bad SEO practice that affects your ranking position, you need to create your blog sitemap and submit the sitemap to search engine webmaster. This notifies the search engine to crawl your blog to understand what your blog is all about.

1.Keyword Stuffing

An even distribution of keyword that you are trying to rank for in your content would make search engine to understand your post better. What most bloggers do is that they include the keyword so many times because they are optimizing their blog post for search engine. This bad SEO practice is called keyword stuffing and it makes it difficult for your reader to understand what your post.

If you want to include your keyword in your content, make sure that the keyword is in the title, URL, h1, h2 and meta description.

2. Low-Quality Content

High-quality content can drive traffic to your blog because search engine believes that your content is good for their user and would give your post high ranking position in the SERP.

Low-quality content is bad for your blog SEO and can affect your blog SEO because Google wants your content to be original, unique, and free from grammatical error.

Common example of low-quality content includes:

  • Copy other content from other blog.
  • Grammatical error and mistake
  • Content lower than 300 words

The content you publish on your blog should be able compelling and informative.

3. Backlink

Backlinks are outbound link from other blog to your blog post or pages. When this outbound link has the right anchor text, it can increase your blog traffic because the reader would click on the outbound link to know more about the topic.

Backlink also increase your blog domain authority and page authority which expert believes is one of the metrics used by Google when ranking blog post in the SERP.

Due to the benefits that you get from backlink, blogger has resulted in black hat SEO to increase their ranking position. The high position is often just for a moment because when Google changes its algorithm it would penalize the blog with and the high position is gone.

To avoid Google penalization, always build high-quality backlink through white hat SEO that is approved by Google. You can build backlink by:

  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Guestographic

  • 4. Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is on the rise with so many people using a smartphone to access Google through the traditional typing of query or voice search. Google would favor blog that is mobile friendly with high ranking position.

To avoid Google penalization due to mobigeddon update, make sure that your blog is customized to receive mobile visitor. You can replace your theme with a theme that is mobile friendly.

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