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Top 7 Best Selfie Camera Smartphones

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If you take pictures more often than you call and prefer not to take pictures of sights, but rather yourself against them, these smartphones will show you in the best possible light. Things are easy – choose the one that suits you.

Here are Top 7 Best Selfie Camera Smartphones.

Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro

Dual Selfie and Group Portraits

In total, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro has 4 cameras at once – two main and two frontal ones. The resolution of the selfie camera is 12 megapixels, but if you are chasing the number of megapixels, Duo Pixel’s proprietary technology promises portraits, as with 24 megapixels.

A boycott has been announced as an indistinct blurred selfie in poor light – the photosensitivity is excellent here (f / 1.8). And the cameras are complemented by an LED flash, which gently diffuses the light. She will not be blinded by a suddenly ejected “bird”, and her skin will look even better than in life.

The second camera for selfies is a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. He guarantees that even a big company will fit in the frame with success, and he will not have to push with elbows. And for sweets, there is a program portrait mode that beautifully blurs the background, and it also works when shooting videos, such as stores and live broadcasts.

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  • Two dual cameras
  • Advanced Selfie Features
  • 5.5 “high-quality bright screen


Average performance
3000 mAh low battery

2. Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

Gesture shooting and stabilization

In the model, much “sharpened” just under the selfie. For example, for a self-portrait, you can set a timer with a gesture – you don’t have to run headlong to the desired point in order to have time to adopt a suitable position. You get up beautifully, show a raised palm into the camera – the countdown begins, so there is no hurry.

Portraits made on the front of Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra with a high resolution of 16 megapixels can be easily printed out – even 30×40 cm pictures will be sharp and sharp. By the way, about the clarity: this camera is not so terrible a quivering hand due to the optical stabilizer, which smooths out such flaws quite well. Another good news – the presence of autofocus, which will not pick up a suitable distance for a sharp frame. And the night shooting is partly saved by the flash on the front panel.

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The lens of the front camera is wide-angle, so a group of people will easily enter the frame, except pay attention to blurring the image around the edges – the “extreme” participants may be unhappy.


  • Interesting design
  • Many front camera features
  • Large quality screen 6 ”


Battery only 2700 mAh
The average quality of the main camera

3. iPhone X

Best portrait mode

“On paper” there is nothing special for those who are used to focus on megapixels – the iPhone X front camera has only 7. But not in numbers, happiness – selfies on this smartphone are considered among the best in quality. TrueDepth camera with a bang copes with the “right” blurring of the background and – oh, a miracle – the background is separated from the object much better than other devices. Still, a bunch of additional sensors doing their job.

HDR mode for better study of dark areas and the elimination of glares is automatically connected. The flash is on-screen, but the selfie doesn’t spoil it at all – the skin tone is very natural, and the flaws are neatly smoothed out. And the most interesting thing: the portrait can then be “finished” with different lighting effects, although in order to achieve the ideal, you will have to play a little with the light in the original image. By the way, experimenters can take selfies even underwater, if you do not forget that the maximum here is 1.5 meters and a dive for half an hour.


  • Program portrait mode by changing the lighting
  • Sharp work system unlock Face ID
  • Quality cameras with optical stabilization


High price
Not all applications are optimized for a cutout top.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9

Top Selfies in the Dark

Definitely a smartphone for those who often take a selfie in poor light – in dark rooms, nightclubs, etc. Galaxy S9 , like its “older brother”, cope with this task better than anyone. Sometimes in the dark the frames are even more successful than with too bright light – “the dog is buried” in the luminosity of the lens f / 1.7. Autofocus also plays its role: the camera focuses on the object, and not on the background elements of a suitable distance.

The application has several modes, including wide-angle, “selfie-focus” to select the focus point and AR-moji. Last – animated Emoji superimposed on the portrait of the owner, which are created by the front camera. The thing seems to be funny, but in practice, it is hardly useful. Another advantage: in the Galaxy S9 on the “front-line” you can shoot video in high-resolution Quad HD.


  • Excellent performance and high-quality screen
  • All cameras are among the best.
  • IP 68 good dust and moisture protection


Unnecessary in the CIS a separate button Bixby on the body

5. Huawei P20

Artificial Intelligence and the highest resolution among selfie cameras

What is in the past is that in this flagship Huawei has put a module from a well-known photo equipment manufacturer Leica on its front-facing camera. And again, the reason for the joy of fans of large numbers is that the selfie matrix is “honest” 24 megapixels, like the main camera, and the detail of the picture is high. Yes, and about the artificial intelligence manufacturer says at every turn. Thanks to him, the lighting effects can be changed already on the finished images. You can install direct, side light or a combination of both.

Without blurring the background in portraits, too, it wasn’t enough, only with accuracy P20 sometimes it misses. They also decided to please the fans of all kinds of “improvers” – one can play around with the effects of smoothing the skin, whitening, change the shape of the face … It’s a pity that behind all this the manufacturer forgot about autofocus and stabilization.


  • Beautiful glass design
  • High speed
  • Good quality all cameras


No memory card slot
Selfie cameras only have fixed focus.

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6. Nokia 8

Optics Zeiss and shooting video in 4K

Someone complains that Nokia is already “not a cake”, but the “eight” proves the opposite. Judge for yourself: along with a powerful “iron” are good cameras, and the front here is identical to the main, with a resolution of 13 megapixels. Lovers of high-profile names and good quality will like the fact that Nokia 8 has Zeiss lenses. Phase autofocus, which many competitors have forgotten, works quickly and accurately. Another smartphone can shoot at once on two cameras, front and main – suddenly come in handy?


  • Front camera Zeiss 13 megapixel
  • Postprocessing photos with retouching and blurring the background
  • 4K video recording


  • The front camera has no stabilization Glossy panel gets dirty quickly

7. Xiaomi Mi A2

Good selfies for little money

This smartphone did not have time to go out, but it is already being praised, and there is something for it: low price, modern design, “clean” Android and dual main camera. And about the module for selfies, there is something to say. For fans of self-portraits, the Chinese installed a 20-megapixel sensor, decorating it with artificial intelligence functions for shooting portraits with a blurred background.


  • Low price
  • Quality cameras
  • Face recognition system


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