4 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid


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If you’re the new Facebook marketer, then there are chances you are making Facebook ad mistakes. However, that is just half your problem. And other half is that you will not know you have committed it. Thus, how can you fix the problem without even knowing it?

Well, that is a headache with the majority of Facebook marketers. Most of them just blow away in a first spurt as they could not identify their mistakes that they have made. And ones that survive this blow end up digging the pockets more than needed without getting good results. Mostly Facebook ad agencies have in-house experienced team, so businesses go with agencies to avoid extra spends. So let’s see some common Facebook ad mistakes that individual marketers do:

  1. Not taking your customers persona seriously

Are you selling to everyone?” Well, it is a good thing. Selling everybody is equally good as selling to no one. But, this will not get you positive results, not in 2021. It is an old marketing method, and so much has evolved after that. The persona of your buyer is defining who the potential customer can be. It is a kind of prototype that can buy the products or services. Thus, are you marketing all your products or services to everybody through Facebook ads? You have to narrow down the ideal audience as per the demography like gender, age, religion, and more.

  • Abandoning your Facebook Ads
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Another common ad mistake that many marketers make will be creating new Ads & abandoning them for weeks. You must analyze your ads performance every day. You have to ensure your audience doesn’t continue seeing similar Ads daily. Suppose you don’t monitor the Ads rightly, you will not know if the campaign is achieving its goals that you have set this up for.

  • Puzzled about your ad campaign objective

You would not like to belong to lots where you are heading as the mindless Facebook campaigner. Sadly, most marketers do this quite often. They do not define the ad campaign goals properly, they jump into the wrong pool. An error is highly prevalent among beginners. What are you setting the Facebook ad for? The sales funnel has got 4 levels and they are interest, awareness, decision, and action. So, your Facebook ads follow the same AIDA model. 

  • Posting quite often or rarely

One overlooked feature of Facebook page management will be the “science of attentionomics”, which is optimizing the content to get captive attention. The businesses are advised to make use of tools that will help to determine ideal times for engaging the audience with their Facebook posts. By not updating the Facebook page or at the right times will mean the message not reaching your target audience, and updating quite often can annoy your fans as well as make them leave your Facebook page.

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Final Words

It is important to know that posts made before 8 AM in the market and weekends will generate more audiences than the posts made in the middle of the workday, particularly if your posts have specific information and offers that your fans will benefit from.