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4 Effective Tips for Putting Up a Website Design that will Work Bigtime in 2019

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The dawn of the digital technologies have revolutionized almost everything as we all understand that internet provides the best chance of making money. Indeed, it is exactly why people from all walks of life try their best to engage in online ventures, which are commonly launched through websites and online portals, but not everyone tastes the success. That’s why companies need to think about exactly what to do in order to make their websites attractive to their target market and eventually successful.

Keeping in view the new entrants and the not-so-rising number of successful ventures, in my personal experience in the Dubai market as an experienced designer, there are many features that count towards making a website looks like a million bucks. So for all you budding business owners trying to make a mark in the business field you like, here are 4 of the best tips to make any ecommerce website a success.

  1. Keep it Simple

To turn your website into a selling machine, don’t forget to take a look at the most successful ones in the world in terms of selling point of view. The current trend that you will also notice is the use of simple design. You don’t need out-of-this-world animation or snazzy graphics to lure the audience. Instead you can make sure that there are enough features in it that can offer your intended audience something interesting to look at.

With the start of the current year, that is, 2019, it has been made evident by design gurus across the globe that less is the new more. Businesses have now realized that the customers are not interested in just hi-tech design. Nowadays, they are more inclined towards acquiring information about the service he wishes to acquire. Any and every information is welcomed and for which design element in website designs are kept at minimum to add more depth in content and highlight what is required without deviating the customer’s attention to anything else.

  1. Choice of Colors

Another thing requires consideration is the choice of colors that business owners makes for their business website design. Since your brand image is not limited to color choices, therefore the color schemes that you chose to send your message across is equally important. Subtle colors are part of the trending design tactics in 2019.

The customers of today’s age respond to stimuli subconsciously. Yet you need exceptional support from a web design dubai agency in order to make sure that you are on the right track to get a design for your portal that offers great color schemes and contract as per your requirements. An important point to note here is that no single color can bring about the best conversion to your website.

To check which color fits best on your requirements, get help from A/B testing which is an effective testing method used especially when the business owner is confused among two equally deserving options. A/B testing will reveal which color option is liked by your customers and offer you good results in this concern.

  1. Typography

Typography is yet another element that is overlooked at all level during the process of website design. Effective typography in your website design is crucial to first learn about the typography concepts. People still believe that typography is a mere game of typing letters, I must clarify, it’s not!

The anatomy of a typeface involves every bit of the detail that comes in forms of measurements, curves, and other general standards which must be respected at all levels. Sometimes it is even suggested to break a few rules to stand out with your typography design, which again is a critical part to be decided on the business owner’s level.

  1. Quick Load Time

Loading time is yet another factor that decides on how successful your website will be in front of the customer. You see, it’s a fast-paced age that we are living in and no one has too much spare time to spend on any one event. When it comes to websites, the gurus say that an online visitor leaves a webpage if it doesn’t load within seconds, ideally within 2-3 seconds and at max 6-8 seconds. After that, it’s game over so you need quick load time for best results.

Final Word

If you want to know more about any of the aspects mentioned above or have a query in mind, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern.


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