5 Awesome Things You Can Do With 3D Printing Technology

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Does the idea of 3D printing technology feel like it’s from a sci-fi novel? 3D printing might seem like some futuristic tool we don’t exactly understand, but 3D printing began almost 40 years ago and has only gotten more advanced from there.

If you have a 3D printer already or plan to get one in the future, there are plenty of things you can make, design, and even sell if you come up with some innovative ideas.

3D Printing Technology

3D printing is based on a computer model which the machine then creates with plastics and metals, layering small amounts on top to build the design. With this process, it is possible to print just about anything from those materials.

Break a small part of your bike but don’t want to order a new one? Print it. Using a tool like the FDM 3D printer provides you with endless possibilities.

1. Everyday Convenience

Think about all the small things you use every day without thinking. A coaster, a soap holder in the bathroom, measuring spoons, a cup. All of these things are 3D objects that can be 3D printed. And with 3D printing, you can design them exactly how you need them so they’re a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

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2. Tech Assists

Smartphone cases, iPad support, and more! You don’t have to hunt for the perfect iPhone case that may not even exist. You can make it yourself.

Tired of pulling out a mass of tangled cords when you want to listen to music or hop on a call? Or is it impossible to figure out which cord is which when working with your computer? You can 3D print cable organizers and spools to help you live easier and get things done quicker. 

3. Fabrics

You can 3D print clothes and fabrics. And this technology lowers the production time and is more sustainable and healthy for the environment. You also won’t have to worry about it fitting, since you can provide exact measurements so the clothes are made precisely for you and your body.

The science is still somewhat a work in progress, but even in the past few years, the advances have been incredible. Fabric that was previously stiff and unwearable has become very close to common clothes you could find anywhere. 

4. Medical Models and Figures

One of the great uses of 3D printing has been in the medical field. Now doctors can plan surgeries with a model of the size and shape of their patient. It helps the cost of learning in the medical field and gives physicians more than just cadavers to practice on. 

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5. Decorations

While furniture might feel like a tall order for your own 3D printer, you can find tons of cool projects to incorporate around your house from vases to lampshades to dishware. You can turn common household objects used for convenience into art projects or your own design.

The Future for Now

As 3D printing technology advances, so do the cool projects you can make with your own printer. This provides both conveniences for the everyday parts of life as well as for larger industries and services. 

It’s exciting to consider all of the possibilities, and hopefully offers you plenty of ideas for your next design. Found this interesting and helpful? Check us out for more of the latest tech news.