5 features to look for in Side-by-Side Speakers


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There are countless options available when deciding which side-by-side speakers to buy. Choose the type of things you want first. The next step is to create a budget and list the features that are necessary to fulfill the brief. You might also pay us to do the research for you.

Setting up your machine 

Based on your equipment, you can mount loudspeakers and sound bars in various places. Some can be mounted to the handlebars of your ATV, while others can be fastened to various locations on the cage of your side-by-side. Which sound system is best for you depends on where you want to place your speakers as well as the dimensions of the machine’s parts (such as the cage width).


These speakers will spend a significant amount of time outside. You need a sturdy audio system that can survive the weather, like water, dirt, sunshine, salt, and others. There are different degrees of weather resistance for ATV and UTV loudspeakers. Certain parts are more resilient than others.


What is the source of your music? Make sure the audio system you choose is suitable if you plan to connect your phone via a USB or auxiliary connection. Get a device with Bluetooth capability if you’d want to connect wirelessly. All these features are typically found in modern audio systems, but it’s a good idea to double-check and make sure you’re getting what you want.

Whistles and Bells

Here’s where the fun stuff starts to happen. (It’s all the fun stuff because we’re talking about audio systems.) While some riders may be content with the bare minimum, others might desire a little extra. In that instance, investigate audio quality that includes subwoofers or LED lighting. Naturally, these parts are a little more expensive, but they’ll enhance the thrill of your off-road audio adventure.

The appropriate audio setup can radically alter your riding style. There is truly something for everyone, from ATV side by side speakers to all-inclusive entertainment systems. Do you simply need some music to listen to while riding? You just need a pair of speakers to finish. Are you hoping to keep the group amused while out on the trails? Give yourself a powerful audio system.

There are mild to wild stereos, so you can anticipate that the setup complexity will also vary. In just a few minutes, some side-by-side speakers can be connected. Large audio systems and other configurations call for more intricate wiring.

When wiring those intricate kits, it can be good to understand how your machine’s electrical network is built up, but it’s not necessary! Even the most inexperienced off-roader can find out how to put sound systems on a quad or side-by-side if they have a few basic tools and specific directions.