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5 Ways – Artificial Intelligence Can Change Our World By 2050

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the best inventions of the 21st Century. Although the concept was known even in 1960-70, it has become more popular and feasible in the 21st century itself. Unlike other innovation, AI is a technique which can be applied to more than one industry. Thus, we are experiencing AI in our life from mobiles to medical. But it is a fact that still AI isn’t that capable to replace the human’s mind. AI has the ability to learn from the pattern and take a decision using that learning. But what matters here is, how precise it can take the decision? An automatic car is not yet ‘fully’ automatic. Why? Robots cannot lead war? Why? Machines cannot perform surgery on the human body? Why? All because of AI is giving a less practical solution.

But the thing is getting changed. With deep learning and so many new complex algorithms, AI is becoming smarter and more feasible. Companies like Tesla and Google have developed a nearly fully automatic car. Countries like the US and Israel are using AI integrated robots against the enemy. Companies like Apples and Samsung has made chips which is able to perform according to the user’s behavior.

AI is taking our world into a totally automated and intelligent era of machines which have a human-like mind and machine-like calculation power. Every year, there is something added into AI which takes the ability of AI to the next level. What if the same trend of AI will continue till 2050? How advance it will become after these many years of improvement? How will be your life in 2050, surrounded by AI integrated machines?

Here are the five ways AI will change world life by 2050.

  • Defense

After world war 2, all countries have understood the importance of a strong defense system. Every county wants to be that sufficient enough that no other country can retaliate them. For that, they have been investing so much money on their defense budget. From the below graph, you can clearly see how much of the defense budget the USA has increased over time.

                                                                                                                                                          Source: Wikipedia

If we talk more specifically, the USA is spending $23 Billion each year to make its army intelligence. Not the only USA. But all developed countries and even some of the developing countries, which are upgrading their defense systems with the AI. Because they know that this is the only way to save the lives of their soldiers.

  1. By 2050, war will be fought by robots, not by any humans. By using AI, defense companies will able to create such kind of robots which will able to do some of the very hardest remote surgical strikes without the operational guidance of human. Robots will be so intelligent that it will glide through any kind of terrain to reach near the enemy. Pathfinding can be so easy for robots by using AI. The USA has already developed such kinds of robots which are taking parts in war. Atlas is the best example of it. This robot is integrated with AI features and can able to performs tasks with detailed precision like a trained soldier.
  2. Another way AI will hit the defense industry is surveillance. Surveillance camera will be integrated with AI. With this update, finding a single enemy in a group of people, in harsh weather or even with the face covered, will be done so easily. AI will identify the enemy by just reading the movement patterns of the enemy.
  3. AI Co-Pilot will change the way the pilot flies the jet planes and aims the target. AI co-pilot will help the pilot to take the decision more quickly. Also, unmanned fighter jets will become reality.  
  • Medical

After Defence, medical is the second industry which will be changed with AI.  According to a report of WHO, 400 million people of our earth have no access to health care. With AI, this number can be changed.

There will be a single AI integrated platform where all doctors of our earth will able to upload the data of their patients and their knowledge. That platform will be so intelligent that it will find the common pattern for common diseases and helps doctors to understand any unknown diseases before it will become an epidemic. With this, the average life of a human can be increased. Apart from this, with the help of AI integrated health care systems, diagnose of disease will be done fast and accurate.

AI will also help older people to live more happily. AI integrated pet robots will be the sensation of that era. These will the cute pet robots which will live with the older people, learn the lifestyle of those people and help them to reduce the blood pressure, and anxiety.

  • Transport

This is one of that category which affects the most population of the earth. Now, imagine how significant the change will be in Transport with the AI?

  1. Car manufacturing plants will be fully automatic with robots working there.
  2. A lot of Fuel will be saved with intelligent petrol and diesel cars
  3. Most cars will be fully automatic
  4. With accurate prediction planning, almost zero accident will happen on the road  
  5. And in the case of the accident, the ambulance will be reached at the
  6. There will be no clogged traffic on the road as all cars are self-intelligent to interact with each other
  7. There will be no delayed flight as with the AI, coordination among the airport staff, technical staff, pilots and airlines company will be accurate
  8. The big logistic company will save a lot of money as AI help them to find the shortest and safest path for the ships and air crafts
  • Cyber Security

Cyber securing is a new kind of war fighting around the globe. Here I am not targeting small cyber attacks which have been done by ‘someone’ on ‘someone’ to take revenge. I am sharing about a full planned cyber attack by a country on another country in order to damage the digital asset of that country. This kind of cyber attacks is very hazardous. Imagine, if a country’s whole banking system will be targeted, how significant the damage will.

Thus, all countries are bringing important sectors under the AI integrated cybersecurity system. This system is intelligent enough to act immediately to save the system from the cyber system. Also, by 2050, these systems will become so intelligent that it can predict the attack by understanding the pattern of incoming packages on the internet. Additionally, making computer understandable rules which define whether this is a cyber attack of not, will become real time by using a genetic algorithm. This is one of those algorithms which is being used in AI so widely. Let’s discuss, how does it work?

We first have to load data files into the algorithm. After that, the algorithm starts working. It assumes data as the population. He does mathematics on that population for several times and each time, he comes up with a stronger population. In the end, he comes up with the population which is fittest – in other terms, which has the highest probability of occurrence. By using that population, it defines the rules. The format of the rules is like,“ if ‘this’ ‘then’ this”,

“ if A accident had the value of XYZ and c happened, then if some B incident will have similar value XYZ, then C incident will surely happen.

This is how it makes the rules which compare with every incoming data in the system. And if an algorithm finds the similarity between them, it alerts the admin or starts taking action by itself.  

  • Mobile and Mobile apps

AI-powered smartphone will be the future and it changes the whole way how people are using phone currently. Each phone will be having a chip separately which will be only performing AI related tasks. With the AI chip, the user of the smartphone will get so much convenience to use the device. AI will help the user to perform this task more precisely than today.

  1. Predicative text
  2. Route suggestion
  3. Voice assistance
  4. Voice search
  5. Translation apps
  6. Voice to text
  7. Email classification
  8. Automated calender entries
  9. Location based app suggestion   

Not only applications but app development will also be touched by AI. AI will give an ability to the app developer to add extra features in the app without much more effort. With the AI, the app developer can make the app so intelligent that it can perform as the user’s behavior. Also, the app can be more featured packed with chatbots and voice search.     

Final word:

AI is the word which has the ability to change our world and our life. But like all other technology, it does also have some advantages. Smart robots will take people’s job away. People will become lazier. The social value of the earth will vanish. But above all, what important is that AI will take us into a life of our dreams where every problem has the shortest and the easiest solution.  




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