7 Digital Video Production Strategies To Improve Quality And Drive Views

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A valuable content is a significant asset when it comes to inbound digital marketing content mix. In fact, video content has been the reason behind all internet traffic. The only challenge is to get people to watch your videos until the end.

If your video is long and not interesting, viewers can easily stop watching. Your content style and production quality matter a lot in rating your video and maintaining your audience’s attention. You can create a very impressive brand or explainer videos for your business with the help of marketing expert team of CreativeTriplet, these videos can reach more audiences, provide viewers more information, compelling them to act, and always have a promising investment return (ROI).

Digital Video Production Strategies

Here are tips to improve digital production quality of your video marketing strategy company like https://thestorytellerstudios.com.  

Be Unique

Each time you make a video, let it be original. If you use another person’s idea, your content will lose taste and even viewers. Instead, conduct persona and keyword research to understand the popular types of video content that are booming in your business. And be certain that another brand hasn’t covered the exact thing you’re doing.

Plan It Out

As soon a s you get a booming idea for your content, do the following:

  • Prepare your script 
  • Draw out your storyboard 
  • Make a brief list before you begin recording
  • Plan your shots to have additional footage all through editing 

Keep in mind that writing a video script is completely different from writing a blog post.

Be Careful When Selecting Video Topics

Ensure you keep your standards high when it comes to casting actors for your projects. The person you pick should deliver dialogue naturally, memorize lines smoothly, and be flexible before the camera. You can practice before the real thing to avoid any mispronunciations and giggles.

Be Conscious Of Sound Quality

Nobody can enjoy a Digital Video production with low quality sound. It irritates when the picture and the sound don’t blend.

It’s best to use a lapel, as well as lavalier microphones that are hands-free. This helps when you use microphone plus boom setups for bigger shots. Also, filming videos using a smart phone requires you to buy microphones that fit into your phone’s headphone input quickly. It will help improve the sound quality.

Set Up Lights

If you don’t want your footage to be under or over-exposed, set up lights, as well as remove any annoying shadows. In fact, use a three-point lighting setup to brighten video subjects from multiple angles.

Use A Tripod

With a tripod, you can keep your videos stable since you’ll be able to hold it yourself. You may even need to use a stand-up tripod, as well as a tabletop tripod to achieve tighter shots. The main aim of this is to maintain the professional look of your videos.


Your camera should always be in focus.

You can do this by locking the exposure, so it remains in focus. Ensure you keep the shots white balanced for the lighting to remain neutral and even. Also, your content should be outstanding and custom-made to your target audience. Make your videos engaging, informative and relevant for your viewers to enjoy.


The above-discussed digital video production tips are vital for all marketers. If you want to keep your audience glued to your website, provide valuable, enlightening and relevant content. This will improve the popularity of your brand or company and even generate more leads.