A Guide to Choosing the Best Refurbished Copier for Your Needs

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Refurbished models can be a great option if you’re looking to save money on a new office copier. Refurbished printers are practically new and don’t have any wear and tear. This means they can last longer than an older, used model. 

However, there are still some things you should consider before buying a refurbished business copier from another company. These include your brand name preference, type of machine (colour or black & white) and size requirements.

Choose a refurbished copier brand name.

Choosing a brand name is essential. The brand name will affect resale value, quality, warranty, support, service, and customer service.

If you choose a reputable brand name, then you will get high-quality machines that are highly efficient and reliable. You may be sure that failures will not jeopardise your business since they can provide consistent performance, reducing downtime.

When choosing between refurbished copier companies, always look for those with years of experience in this field so that your business is guaranteed to succeed without any hiccups along the way due to poor equipment choices or faulty workmanship of your chosen partners.

Pick your refurbished copier type.

The first step to picking your refurbished copier is choosing between a digital or analog copier. 

Analog copiers are more cost-effective, but digital copiers are more efficient. Digital copiers are more expensive but also more efficient.

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When you know what type of machine you want (analog or digital), the next thing to consider is how many copies you intend to produce per day/month/year. The capacity of each device is measured in pages per minute (ppm). This number will tell you how quickly it can print out a page for you and how many PPM need to be printed before we see any profit from our investment!

Consider the options you need

  • Consider the options you need
  • Consider the options you don’t need
  • Consider the options you don’t want
  • Consider the options that are available
  • Consider the options that are not available
  • Consider the options that are not important (but might be)

Choose a size

In the early days of copiers, the only options were large and expensive. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase a compact model for home usage as well as a large one to accommodate a whole department.

Whether you’re looking for a desktop model or one that can fit on your desk and take up less space, refurbished copiers can address your specific requirements!

But how do you know what size will work best? That’s where we come in—we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect printer based on what works best for your needs.

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Choose between colour and black and white?

Copiers are available in both colour and black and white. 

Colour copiers are better for colour documents, and black and white copiers are better for black and white copies. If all you’re printing needs fall into one category, then it’s a simple decision. But if you have some documents that need to be printed in full colour while others don’t require any colours at all, what do you do?

Both varieties have nearly the same cost per page. Thus the solution is not as obvious as it first seems. Colour copies tend to be a little more expensive per page than their monochromatic counterparts due to their higher ink costs and extra maintenance required by those parts inside the machine that aren’t used in producing B&W copies but must operate anyway when making colour ones. 

But these costs aren’t prohibitively high and may not even be noticeable depending on how much printing your business does each day. Plus, there’s always something satisfying about seeing everything come together, ideally on-screen before hitting print!

Buying a used business copier from another company means you can save money and buy a new tool for your business.

Buying refurbished business copiers from another company means you can save money and get a new tool for your business. This is because refurbished machines are still working but may have been used in an office before and then sent off to be repaired or rebuilt.

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If you buy from a reputable seller, the refurbished equipment will be just like new but at significantly lower prices than if it were brand new.


When it comes down to choosing a refurbished copier, there are many things to think about. The brand name, the type of machine you want, and the size and colour options available. As we’ve seen from this guide, there are many great choices for used business copiers and other refurbished machines of all types. If you’re looking for help with your search or need advice on how much budgeting should go into purchasing one of these machines, contact us today!