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The enormous growth of technological advances and the digital world’s continues modernization have deliberately changed people’s lifestyles in many ways. In these changes, Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role. 

Up to these days, many people still associate Artificial Intelligence or AI with flying cars and robots. However, AI has slowly become integrated with daily activities. From home appliances to mobile applications and even in office equipment, AI has become a part of almost everything. 

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of any machine to work, act, and imitate human intelligence. It is also defined as the development of computer systems that can efficiently perform tasks that are deemed too advance for the human mind. AI is more than about robots and flying cars; it is about how computers can program and command machines to carry out a task without any intervention yet mimics human intelligence. 

While people associate it with robots, many have been interacting with AI without their knowledge. Only about 34% of humankind thinks they are interacting with AI-infused technology. When, in fact, about 84% are already leaning on this advancement without their knowledge of it. 

AI and The Online Business Industry

In the online business landscape, AI has become a crucial part of many operations these days. AI has improved many businesses in many terms. Either with how you deal with your daily business operations, how you interact with your consumers, and even how you promote your business, AI has something to do with these moves to make it successful. 

Despite the common fear that AI will replace human touch with business optimization, AI and other technological advances are now at the forefront of many online businesses. 

How AI Is Changing The Online Business Landscape

Across different sectors in the business industry, AI is seen making groundbreaking advances that are helping every online business prosper in the competitive area. The internet has become a competitive pit that can easily drown any brand. With AI, it is helping businesses of all sizes stand out in their niche. 

1. Enhance Human Processes

With the widespread integration of AI in many businesses around the planet, many fear that it will be the end of an era for most employees. However, as time progresses, many realized that AI is not a replacement but a tool to enhance process made by humans. For AI to work on its optimum condition, it still needs human interaction and cooperation for it to work correctly.

Artificial Intelligence automates a repetitive task that allows employees to focus on other matters. One example of this is email marketing. Instead of manually sending content through hundreds of email addresses, many business start setting it to run automatically. In the process, AI did not replace an employee to create email content but rather enhance the way emails are being sent, making it efficient and quick. It can give you and your employees time to work on other mundane tasks that are essential with human intervention, such as placing calls to customers. 

2. Improve Promotional Activities

Marketing is one of the areas in the business landscape, where AI development is most prevalent. AI has made many changes in terms of how you promote your online business, and there are still many changes to expect. It has taken many of your marketing strategies to the next level. 

The world is being run in data, and these data help the marketing arena thrive. AI has made these marketing essentials, less too complicated to gather. Data and analytics are your driving point to create a better marketing approach for your online business. 

AI can become an essential tool for your sales team in meeting their target, widening their reach, and acquiring sales. It can power up databases where you can bank on to find leads quickly and fill in pipelines faster than a manual process. 

3. Streamline Customer Service

Customer service has become an essential part of making any business survive. Regardless of how big or small a business is, customer service is one of the determinants of a company will succeed or not in overthrowing competition. 

With the technological evolution involving AI, customer service is expected to become more streamlined over the years. It has started with chatbots that have become one of the most effective tools in customer communication these days. Chatbots have made it faster to communicate with clients for any concerns, queries, or suggestions. It can provide answers to any basic questions without any human help. 

As technology continues to advance, customer service will become more efficient in the coming days. It will become an essential tool to significantly improve customer relationships and eradicate human error when dealing with clients. 

4. Bank On AI-powered Mobile Applications

With the AI data platform, you will see more light of the day as it is more efficient and convenient for your users. It can even help small businesses to grow and strengthen their relationship with their audience.

This type of application will see more light of the day as it more efficient and convenient for your users. It can help even small businesses to grow and strengthen their relationship with their audience. 

5. Online Recruitment

Human resource and recruitment is an integral part of any business. Most online companies do not have an HR team or dedicated personnel to act as an HR point person. Some business owners work as the recruitment officer, which involves a laborious task that can take much so much effort and time.  

With AI technology, it can be easier to streamline applicants without the need for human interaction. There are already developed AI-enabled applicant tracking systems in the market that can help manage job applications, browse thousands of resumes, and help pick the right candidate for your business position. It significantly saves so much time in handpicking candidates to become part of your team. 

6. Reduce Cost

Artificial intelligence can automate a mundane task that involves manufacturing, transportation, and even maintenance monitoring for your business. It can easily automate repetitive tasks that often need human labor. AI allows any company to cut costs from hiring an extra employee in doing this monotonous job. With a simple push of a button, it can work independently without the constant need for human attention. 

7. Better Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks remain to be one of the biggest threats, especially for online businesses. These attacks excuse no one. You are either just starting your business or a business that has already planted roots in the industry; you can still be susceptible to any possible attacks. 

With AI, cybersecurity can become a better ground for businesses. It can provide consist of monitoring for any malicious activities. It can self-adjust given any situation and independently act when detecting any suspicious activity to defend your system. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt, and no one can deny that Artificial Intelligence is making waves in businesses today. It can automate, streamline, and enhance business processes that can help enterprises to grow their brand and meet their targets. While AI is now widely becoming accepted in many sectors of the business industries, many are fearing that it will replace the human workforce. However, it has proven to be not the case. AI is a growing technology and is yet dependable on much human intervention. While it can improve many things for your online business, it will not replace any human touch. Instead, it is an excellent way to enhance your business processes. 



Maricar Morga worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade. She became part of the biggest real estate company/mall operator in the Philippines and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. One of her activities became a nominee in the ICSC Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Awards 2018. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand.  A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.