Best 6 Online AVIF Converters Worth Your Time

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When displaying photos online, you have many image types to pick from. The primary distinction among picture types is the sort of picture codec utilized to compress or decipher each type of image format. A picture codec represents the technique used for compression, decoding, and encoding pictures into a particular file format for viewing on multiple gadget screens.

AV1 image file format (AVIF) is an accessible file type for saving still and moving images. The Alliance first published it for Open Media in 2019. AVIF is a standard AV1 multimedia format’s picture variant like ifovd.

However, sometimes this file format has to be converted for easier access and sharing between two users as it can be bulky in terms of file size due to its quality. Here are some of the best online AVIF converters out there:


AVIF2JPG is an online AVIF to JPG converter. It is supported by the vast majority of web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and others. It allows users to upload AVIF file and convert it to JPG or PNG formats. The processing of photos in browsers is done using cutting-edge VUE and JS technologies. One hundred percent free, and you don’t even have to submit anything to secure your picture data!100 percent safe and dependable. It works best for batch AVIF to JPG conversion. The conversion speed is fast.

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This program is among the most accessible converting tool for an image from the uncommon AVIF format to JPG format. Using this program, you may set the backdrop colors and compression quality for photographs with transparency.

  • Avif.oi

In 2020, was launched, an online freeware platform focusing on the AVIF picture format. It also provides a conversion program that enables infinite images to be imported and processed to AVIF. You can rapidly learn the procedure and change variables like grade and work to suit your demands because it strongly emphasizes user engagement and has a modern interface.


Squoosh is an online application for compression app that enables you to examine the sophisticated capabilities of various image processors. Google strives to develop it and offers an accessible resource on Github. It functions purely user-friendly, much like

Since the user interface is built around a comparative slider, the findings and distinctions between source and modified images are visible immediately. You may upload one picture at a time. Squoosh also provides a variety of parameters that you may utilize to regulate the converting process.

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Aconvert.comis one of the best AVIF2JPG alternatives to convert AVIF files. Pictures are sent to a server in line with the Data Protection Policy but are not examined or processed for information.

The picture size and higher resolution may both be altered. The converter is free. However, it has a possible drawback because it only supports one formation at once.


CloudConvert was established in 2012 to create a multipurpose file converter. Through our API, our solution is used by both consumer and business partners. Although prevalent in search engine results, Cloudconvert does not provide picture conversion to AVIF. It will allow for AVIF picture conversion to some other image format.

AVIF File Features and Capability 

Lossless and lossy and compression are both supported by AVIF. AVIF’s adaptability provides a competitive advantage in file sizes based on the effective compression method. Compared to GIFs, The most significant technological businesses are working on AVIF.

Regarding the ratio of photo quality to compacted file size. Industry pioneers and technology trailblazers from reputable businesses produced AV1. They granted free licenses to their file format patents to establish a stable environment. Significantly, Google has added AVIF compatibility to Android and Chrome web browsers, while Netflix has started utilizing AVIF files directly. Additionally, Microsoft has made a decoder available to users so they may see AVIF pictures in applications like MS Paint.

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Sadly, Adobe Photoshop doesn’t accept AVIF at the moment and hasn’t said whether or when it will. Alliance for Open Media is surprised by this. Apple doesn’t have any immediate plans to support AVIF photos directly on its devices. Safari is among the internet platforms that can still not show AVIF pictures. iOS users may view AVIF photos using unofficial web browsers like Opera or Chrome.


AVIF offers more outstanding picture quality and is considerably more versatile thanks to its capability for HDR photos and 12-bit color. Given the waning use of single or dual-core computers, parallel processing provides some nifty multi-threading programming and decoding performance advantages. 

But AVIF file is still not accepted by most browsers compared with JPG file. That’s why we need a tool to convert AVIF to JPG. In this article, we have recommended 6 popular Avif converters. I prefer AVIF2jpg. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any editing skills. It is free for use so anyone can use it without money cost. Come to convert avif to jpg with AVIF2jpg right now.