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Managing multiple tasks, such as selling, buying, and leasing properties, while monitoring finances, is essential for a real estate agent. Along with these core tasks, generating leads and understanding your client’s needs are critical. It takes time, effort, and rapport-building to accomplish these tasks. Technology such as Best Real Estate CRM Software helps manage all these tasks and customer relationships.

You need a robust real estate management solution to manage all the different aspects of real estate efficiently. To cater to the needs of real estate developers, we present the 15 Best Real Estate CRM Software.

A brief overview of the contents

  • 2023’s Best Real Estate CRM Software
  • CRM benefits for real estate
  • Real Estate CRM Software Features

2023’s Best Real Estate CRM Software:

  • Zoho Real Estate CRM
  • FreshSales
  • Propertybase
  • B2B Bricks
  • PlanPlus
  • DaeBuild CRM
  • Cratio
  • HubSpot CRM
  • LeadSquared
  • Salesforce
  • Insightly
  • LionDesk
  • Apptivo
  • Wise Agent
  • Pipedrive

1. Zoho Real Estate CRM

Using Zoho’s real estate CRM software, you can create and store quotes, invoices, price books, and bills. Share your quotes and invoices with prospects using custom email and invoice templates and manage all your post-sales processes with powerful inventory management features.

Zoho Real Estate CRM features include:

  • With this CRM for real estate agents, you can easily capture leads from social media platforms. Such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • In Zoho Real Estate CRM, you can segregate deals and keep all their details in one secure location.
  • You can use marketing analytics to analyze the different marketing verticals so that you can understand the potential client base and what platform they prefer.

Zoho Real Estate CRM pros and cons:

The pros are:

  • Easy to use
  • Plans at affordable prices

The cons are:

  • Sometimes there is a delay in email automation

Prices for Zoho CRM: Pricing for Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Plans is 720/user, 1200/user, and 2100/user.

2. FreshSales

FreshSales is the best real estate CRM software from Freshworks. With its intuitive UI, realtors and real estate developers can execute projects.

FreshSales features:

  • The Real Estate CRM Software provides real estate lead scoring that automatically catches, compiles, and sends leads to sales.
  • Integrated Workflow Automation: Automate workflows at various stages of a project by providing all the necessary tools.
  • FreshSales provides a deal pipeline for users to monitor individual projects.

FreshSales pros and cons:

The pros

  • Chat, SMS, and email capabilities
  • Set up real-time alerts for new or opened emails


  • Integration with other software is limited

Pricing: The 21-day Sprout Plan is free. Blossom Plan costs $1199 per user per month, and Garden Plan costs $2299 per user per month.

3. Propertybase

The Propertybase CRM software is designed specifically for real estate contracts and marketing. Real estate agents and realtors can use it for residential and commercial properties.

Propertybase has the following features:

  • It provides all the necessary tools for managing legal and property-related documents on behalf of individual clients.
  • Propertybase offers some well-organized SMS and email marketing tools to make property listings visible to potential buyers.
  • In order to facilitate seamless transactions between sellers and buyers, realtor CRM software for real estate provides a robust lease and maintenance management mechanism.
  • Using the mobile app, you can manage processes efficiently on the go with this real estate CRM software.
  • It provides a useful property-related alert. Such as any new interest that was shown in buying or selling residential or commercial properties.

Propertybase’s pros and cons:

The pros

  • Listings can be managed through MLS integration
  • Analyzes sales performance and provides actionable insights


  • A fee is charged for the pro features of transaction management

Pricing: A Company Plan costs $5214 per user per month, while an Enterprise Plan costs $6534.

4. B2B Bricks

Both individual real estate agents and organizations can benefit from Real Estate Software. As for inquiries and sales, it helps realtors manage their real estate projects with tailor-made tools.

B2B Bricks have the following features:

  • B2B Ink intuitively captures relevant leads from online channels such as Facebook and Twitter. All charges will then be sent to the appropriate sales representative for conversion.
  • As a means of increasing productivity, the system features advanced geo-tracking capabilities to monitor the activities of all field agents.
  • Automation: It enables the lead generation and sending of mailers to move processes smoothly down the sales funnel.
  • A seamless lead-to-sales transition is possible with unlimited property listing and response capturing.

B2B Bricks Pros and Cons:

The pros are:

  • You only pay for what you use
  • Produce reports based on business data

The cons are:

  • Training is required to use the software

Pricing: The web Plan costs ₹ 10,000, Business Plan costs ₹ 18,000, and Corporate Plan costs ₹ 30,000.

5. PlanPlus

Real estate agents and realtors can use PlanPlus as a one-stop software solution. With this cloud-based software, agents and other team members can stay connected on the go. In addition, they can manage property inquiries, track leads, and follow up with them.

PlanPlus has the following features:

  • Management of clients: It helps categorize clients based on the deal’s stage and completion date. Additionally, it keeps client records, schedules reminders, and assists with invoicing.
  • Utilizing its intuitive algorithm, it can collect leads from various platforms such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • With its email marketing tools, you can send brochures and mailers to potential leads in just a few clicks.
  • Besides document management, it provides secure storage for all confidential and critical client documents.

PlanPlus has the following pros and cons:

The pros are:

  • Features of a robust database
  • The interface is easy to use

The cons are:

  • There are times when it lags

Pricing: A free demo is available from PlanPlus. Its Single Agent Plan costs 1977/per user per month, and its Team Edition costs 2636.7/per user per month.

6. DaeBuild CRM

Using DaeBuild CRM, real estate agents can automate various processes involved in property-related projects. With it, real estate professionals can simplify their work and provide impeccable customer service by following up with their clients.

DaeBuild CRM has the following features:

  • The tool offers tools for capturing and assigning leads automatically.
  • Telephonic sales and call recording provided by cloud telephony connect buyers, sellers, and potential clients.
  • The system is equipped with critical tools for efficient document management, which allows all documents to be stored securely and systematically.
  • Invoicing, payment processing, and information management are all tasks related to client management.

DaeBuild CRM pros and cons:

The pros are:

  • The interface is easy to use
  • Real-time tracking of sold, blocked, and available properties

The cons are:

  • Mobile-unfriendly

Pricing: Real Estate CRM demo is provided by Daebuild. Pricing plans are available upon request, however.

7. Cratio

With Ratio CRM, the entire transaction process can be customized for users, with efficient documentation.

Cratio’s tools are designed specifically for real estate professionals such as property developers and agents.

Cratio’s features include:

  • To maximize your lead database, it automates gathering and capturing leads from various platforms, such as Facebook and property portals.
  • Upon capturing leads, it creates a list of all potential clients and assigns them to sales.
  • It provides tools for managing client bookings and offers constant support from booking to closing.
  • Managers can monitor agents’ calls and provide insights and suggestions using telephone monitoring tools.

Pros and Cons of Cratio:

The pros are:

  • Implementing data automation is easy
  • Lead capture from MagicBricks, 99acres, etc.

The cons are:

  • Modules are limited and suitable for small businesses

Pricing: Cratio costs 360 per month/ per user. It doesn’t offer a free plan, but it does provide a free trial period.

8. HubSpot CRM

Although HubSpot CRM isn’t specific to real estate, it provides all the tools necessary for efficient CRM management. Through its state-of-the-art modules, it helps with lead generation, document and client management, and much more.

HubSpot CRM has the following features:

  • It provides efficient lead management tools for capturing, managing, and assigning leads to agents.
  • HubSpot CRM helps create an effective project ecosystem under one platform so all team members can track progress.
  • Real estate agent CRM software enables efficient email and SMS marketing strategies.
  • Managing client documents keeps all client documents related to legal property secure and confidential.

Pros and cons of HubSpot:

The pros are:

  • Create targeted real estate marketing campaigns
  • Workflows for email marketing are automated

The cons are:

  • There are limited features in the free plan

Pricing: Hubspot offers a free real estate CRM demo and signup. There are three plans: Free, Starter for $3300 per month, and Basic for $13200 per month.

9. LeadSquared

Real estate CRM software like LeadSquared CRM can streamline sales processes. You can track leads from multiple sources, including phone, chat, website, and social media. In addition to lead management, daily status checks, follow-up reminders, etc., it helps with complete sales automation. In addition, you can track sales and revenue metrics to know how your business is doing.

LeadSquared Real Estate CRM features

  • Track qualified leads automatically from every channel where you are active.
  • Get customized analytical reports based on your performance metrics.
  • With just a few clicks, you can distribute the leads you capture from online and offline channels to relevant sales professionals.

Pros and cons of LeadSquared:

The pros are:

  • The interface is simple and easy to use
  • Automatically send emails to leads in response to their inquiries

The cons are:

  • Sometimes, server issues can cause tasks to be lost

Pricing: The Lite plan of LeadSquared real estate CRM software starts at $15,000.

10. Salesforce

Using Salesforce CRM software, you can gather relevant information about your customers’ preferences and manage everything in one place. By providing personalized services to real estate prospects, sales can run smoothly. Salesforce CRM is, therefore, an invaluable tool for real estate businesses.

Salesforce Real Estate CRM features

  • Response Times: You can respond quickly to potential customers’ messages. Customizable automated responses are also available.
  • The CRM system enables you to access your contact information from anywhere and anytime through a single, unified system.
  • With CRM software, you can send out emails to customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or when special offers are available.
  • CRM software enables you to evaluate your customer service processes and measure the effectiveness of your relationship-building efforts.

Salesforce Real Estate CRM Pros and Cons:

The pros are:

  • Different sources of leads can be consolidated in a centralized database
  • Sales campaigns are easy to manage

The cons are:

  • Sometimes there are sync issues with marketing automation

Pricing: Salesforce CRM costs $21,000.00 per month.

11. Insightly

Property dealers and realtors find Insightly’s workflow automation and bulk email functionality quite useful. Additionally, it allows realtors to connect with more real estate leads through marketing campaigns. Using Insightly CRM, you can adopt smart strategies to increase sales and revenue.

Insightly’s features include:

  • Set up lead assignment rules, upload lead sources, and track lead status with Inbound Inquiries.
  • To provide personalized service, you can map your contacts in terms of buyer, agent, property manager, seller, etc.
  • Configure opportunities for sales: You can create an opportunity record and track leads based on their requirements, budgets, and timelines.

Here are some insightful pros and cons:

The pros are:

  • Keeping track of several projects is easy
  • It can integrate with apps you already use, such as Drift, Jira, etc.

The cons are:

  • Only registered accounts have admin access

Pricing: Insightly CRM pricing is available upon request.

12. LionDesk

With LionDesk, you can manage real estate clients and sales efficiently. With this real estate CRM software, you can stay organized and communicate with your customers effortlessly. It results in a higher deal closure rate due to all these features.

LionDesk has the following features:

  • LionDesk helps you run effective drip campaigns with automated phone calls and messages.
  • Brokers can view properties, deals, and opportunities across different locations.
  • Integrating video email and video texting functionalities will help drip campaigns succeed.

Pros and cons of LionDesk:

The pros are:

  • Easy to set up the marketing section with emails, tasks, etc.
  • It is possible to run drip campaigns efficiently.

The cons are:

  • Templates for transactions are not intuitive

Pricing: Contact us for pricing details.

More on the best real estate CRM software,

13. Apptivo

With Apptivo, you can manage your clients and properties from a single platform. Marketing automation modules such as lead management, invoicing, and contact information is included in the CRM. Among the additional features is the ability to manage inventory easily, create work orders, track projects, etc.

Apptivo has the following features:

  • This real estate CRM software has a mobile app that automatically syncs and shares client data between G Suite and Apptivo.
  • It allows you to automate a standard response to clients’ concerns.
  • Use Apptivo’s campaign app to design and create email marketing campaigns in a jiffy using the default email templates and themes.

Apptivo’s pros and cons:

The pros are:

  • Slack, Google Workspace, PayPal integration
  • Assign customer profiles to sales reps automatically by creating assignment rules

The cons are:

  • It is difficult to customize purchase order templates
  • User-friendly interfaces are possible

Pricing: Free 30-day trial available. Apptivo Lite is priced at INR 817 per user per month and offers 18 apps, 25 workflows, etc.

14. Wise Agent

Wise Agent helps real estate professionals manage all aspects of their business in one place. Modules include time management, transaction management, lead automation, and contact management. In addition, the marketing module allows teams to design emails, drip campaigns, real estate flyers, SMS texts, and more.

Wise Agent has the following features:

  • Wise Agent drip campaigns automatically send emails for your campaign, saving you time.
  • Wise Agent’s lead automation feature helps manage leads from diverse platforms, such as email, offline events, and real estate forums.
  • Manage documents, signatures, and due dates with ease using Wise Agent’s lead management system.

The pros and cons of Wise Agent are as follows:

The pros are:

  • Automate sales management activities like leads, responses, appointments, and more
  • CRM for real estate that is user-friendly

The cons are:

  • Drip campaigns aren’t easy to implement

Pricing: There is a 14-day free trial available. Paid plans start at INR 2613 per month, with features like drip marketing campaigns, user-friendly calendars, lead automation, and more.

15. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s real estate sales CRM is easy to use and adaptable to agents’ needs. With it, you can create visual pipelines for properties, investors, and buyers. You can see exactly where all the deals are in the sales process using this CRM. Moreover, you can track conversations with clients digitally to address their concerns as soon as possible.

Pipedrive has the following features:

  • You can sync your Google calendar with Pipedrive to see all your sales activities in one place.
  • In Pipedrive, you can manage transaction plans, lease agreements, contracts, and more.
  • Lead segmentation: With this CRM, you can identify lead sources, and segments, and organize them to send effective marketing messages.

Pipedrive’s pros and cons:

The pros are:

  • Provides integration with third-party apps such as Slack, Asana, and more
  • Access the CRM system wherever you are with the mobile app (Android & iOS).

The cons are:

  • Uploading data to the cloud sometimes results in errors

Pricing: The essential paid plan starts at INR 808 per month and includes 3000 active deals, 15 reports, and 30 custom fields. There is also a 14-day free trial available.

In conclusion,

Real Estate Brokers: Which CRM is Right for Them?

Despite the fact that each of the solutions on our list has unique features and functionalities, the choice of the best real estate CRM software depends on the user’s needs, both individuals and companies. Since most of these solutions provide a free demo, we suggest you try them before buying the one that best suits your needs.