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Windows Shared Web Hosting is built by considering the economic factor for business persons who want limited resources for hosting their small scale businesses. Generally, it is used for hosting small websites, having limited web pages. Shared Hosting is a one-stop solution for the site owners who are willing to start their own online business i. e., beginner hosting. It is a perfect web hosting platform that offers all the top-level resources based on the latest technology with 24/7 support in a small investment.

If you also want to build up your online business with the Best Windows Shared Hosting, you should consider what features and world-class perks you get with your hosting packages. Let’s start this guide by putting a little focus on a basic Shared Windows Hosting introduction.\

What is Windows Shared Server?

What is Windows Shared Hosting

Hosting numerous websites on a single physical server using the Windows operating system platform is generally termed as Windows Shared Hosting. As per its name suggested, Shared Hosting shares its website resources with other websites hosted on an identical server. It is an ideal platform for hosting small websites. Also, helps to foothold your business in the online market. With Shared Windows Hosting, you can enjoy state of the art hosting benefits at an economical cost/cost-effective price.

Windows Shared Server hosting is best thought out because of the friendly platform. Mostly, people are familiar with the Windows operating system, they didn’t need to learn additional programming languages to work on the Windows platform. Hence, the ideal solution for users who do not have much technical knowledge.

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Features should have in Best Windows Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting is power-packed with far-reaching and groundbreaking resources that allot the limited resources for each website based on your plans. With a few limitations, Windows Shared Hosting India has proven useful for new and start-up businesses. Know the best features of Shared Hosting that you get with your entry-level hosting plans.
Intuitive Plesk Control Panel
The Control Panel creates a user-friendly environment. It enables you to easily configure the resources used for website hosting. With Windows Shared Web Hosting, you get the best Plesk panel to make server configuration for your website. So you can easily configure the resources on your server according to your website requirements.

Database Support

Windows Shared Hosting

Database support is necessary to organize the website data in a well-organized format. Windows Shared Hosting With Remote Desktop supports MS SQL, MS Access, and MySQL databases. So it becomes easy for the developers to manage your site data sequentially at one place in a database.
Award-Winning Support
Constant Support is necessary when hosting the website on a server for those who didn’t have strong technical skills. With the Best Windows Shared Hosting, you can enjoy the round the clock customer as well as technical support via the Live Chat, over call, Whatsapp, Email, and Skype with 247365 Server Monitoring services.

Database Backup

Chaep Windows shared hosting

You never know when your data is hacked by a malicious website or outside attacks. Hence a strong backup of complete data is necessary. With Windows Shared Hosting India, you get automatic database backup services to sustain data availability and Security for your website.

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Email Services

Sometimes you need valuable information from your Email. But without Email accessibility, you can’t access the data. Therefore, get complete Email accessibility with the Cheap Windows Shared Hosting and access emails powdered by the Smart Webmail at any time from your smartphone.

Benefits of having Windows Server hosting in 2020

Shared Server is a web hosting type that uses the Windows OS platform to locate the user static or dynamic website on a web server. With HTTP, it supports other security protocols. Among these top-level benefits, you get the blazing shared hosting perks with endless customer support services. We have shortlisted the top 5 Cheap Windows Shared Hosting that make this hosting different from another web hosting.


 cheap windows shared hosting

Windows Server Shared Service Host bestows the intense resources at a budget-friendly price. It means you can enjoy worthwhile or far reaching resources with the unlimited Windows Shared Web Hosting. Whether it is about storage space or bandwidth for hosting your website effectively on a strong platform. It is much cheaper than your monthly newspaper subscription.


Wisesolution’s Shared Hosting comes with built-in control panel tools. It helps in making server configurations. With Windows Shared Web Hosting, you get the built-in Plesk control panel. These panels are helpful and beneficial for you. You can effortlessly manage and operate your websites, settings, and much more.

No Technical Maintenance

best windows shared hosting

Sometimes, you need instant professionals’ assistance to troubleshoot technical errors. But in the case of Windows Shared Hosting, technical maintenance is managed by the experts of Windows Server Shared Service Host. Therefore, you can easily focus on your business sales without thinking about server maintenance.

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Easy to Use

Nowadays, almost every user is aware of how to work with the Windows platform. You do not need to learn different programming languages when you are hosting your website with Windows Shared Web Hosting. Windows familiarness makes the ease of use for the users. Therefore, Top Windows Shared Hosting comes with a system friendly platform that anyone easily uses.

Access compatibility

Access is the most popular and preferable database for most of webmasters. With the Best Windows Shared Hosting, integration is much simple and more comfortable than the rest of the operating system platforms. Therefore, you can easily use the Access Database to organize your data in one place.


Every business person wants to keep their business up to date with the latest technology to grow fast in the web hosting industry. With plenty of options, they can choose the suitable one that fits according to their website demands.

Through this guide, you get the idea of how Windows Shared Web Hosting benefits your online business, and at what time you need to host your website on a shared platform. No one can deny buying worthwhile shared services at a cheap cost. Therefore, maximize your business performance at a low investment with the Cheap Windows Shared Hosting plans and enjoy its world-class services with down to earth support.